facebook: Facebook Fridays - 5 Simple Ways To Generate FB Interest - 06/20/19 02:51 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
If you find there is less interaction (or heaven forbid none) on your FB page, it may be time to mix things up. That means changing up how and what you post to Facebook. You can also use these tips to increase followership and improve your click rate. Don't take my word for it, try them out for yourself and see if your FB presence improves.
Provide upcoming current event information. If you go yourself, video the event so you can use the information in next years FB video event post. Do a giveaway or contest. Who … (25 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 7 Tips to Increase Your Followers - 06/12/19 03:10 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
One of the ways you can improve your opportunity to pickup more leads is to increase your followership. Not paying for followers (I would never recommend this) but instead using tried-and-true methods to build your local fan base is the approach to take. Here are several ways you can get a jumpstart on building a strong follower-base:
Run local ads - Make sure to provide something of value and have a clear call-to-action  Post trending content - I click and I know others do to so give consumers what they want Use FB Live - Setup a weekly event, publicize … (18 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 9 Tools for Next Level FB Marketing - 06/06/19 05:26 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I am a fan of repetition. In this industry we are often too busy for fluff so perfecting tasks that can be accomplished quickly and repetitively helps free us up for more important things. The money making things.
I put many social media tasks into this category because they are easy to replicate and there are plenty of tools to help us work smarter, not harder. Here are a few of those social media tools you may already be using to help your Facebook marketing efforts. If not, give them a spin, they may make a world of … (30 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 7 Ways to Increase Leads This Summer - 05/29/19 03:36 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Summer is here which means there will be a lot of real estate activity in many markets as families begin to relocate. If yours is one that experiences a lot of buyers and/or sellers this time of year, are you ready to generate new leads from Facebook? Do you have a plan already in place or in action? If not, what are you waiting for? Here are several ways to generate new or renewed followership that will drive consumer activity and pique interest in your biz page (and YOU) this summer...
Take advantage of holidays (i.e. hold a contest … (32 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 6 Key Things Your About Section Should Have - 05/15/19 03:38 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
More than any other area on FB business pages, the one place I see lost opportunities is in the About section. It should be a one-stop shop that provides consumers key information about your biz, links to key sites (like your blog/IDX site), and lots of other key data. In fact, here are several things you need to ensure your About section contains...
Full business information details How to contact you (provide more than 1 method) A link to your blog/IDX site. If you want to funnel traffic to a specific landing page or section of your … (20 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 5 Ways to See Results From Your FB Marketing - 05/07/19 04:12 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Let's face facts...many real estate professionals do not understand how to generate new leads from Facebook. So many of us either do nothing or we use the follow the herd approach. Neither of those methods work. The key to driving FB consumers to make a specific call to action is to funnel them where you want them (to your website, a specific niche article, to call you, etc.). Here are a 5 key ways you can do that and begin to see results from your FB marketing efforts...
Run targeted ad campaigns that funnel consumers to a sign-up … (17 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - What's The One Thing You Would Change About FB? - 05/01/19 03:40 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I was part of a FB mastermind group recently where someone asked what would be the 1 thing you would change about FB if you had the power to change anything (short of eliminating it). What's the one thing you would you change about the platform? 
For some of you I bet something came immediately to mind (do share). For others, it probably takes a few minutes to peel things back and identify 1 key thing worth changing. Maybe your list has more than 1 thing, that's ok to. What change(s) do you want to see?
Did you know...1.56 billion … (27 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - How Important Is Your Cover Photo? - 04/21/19 09:15 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
The very first thing new visitors will notice when they visit your Facebook Business Page is the cover photo (sometimes called the banner). It should positively reflect your business and provide important information you want consumers to know.
The key dimensions are 820 pixels (px) wide by 312 px high for desktop viewing and 640 px wide by 360 px high for mobile devices. Anything less and FB will stretch the photos to meet those dimensions...you do not want that (i.e. blurry images). My cover photo is due for a change, how about yours?
Did you know...there are … (28 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 9 Ways to Get Your FB Biz Page Noticed - 04/18/19 03:00 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
There are nearly 70 million Facebook Business Pages on the Web so what can you do to make yours stand out from others in your local market? You can wing it, pay someone else to do it for you, or roll up your sleeves and learn the platform. Here are several other key things you can do to help your page get noticed in your crowded local social media space...
Use Call-to-Action buttons (i.e. call now, leave a comment, message me, etc.) Learn to create stand-out graphics Generate buzz with an interesting About page Make it a point to … (32 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - What are FB Stories Doing For You? - 04/10/19 04:51 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I try not to assume things in this weekly article but the rumor keeps swirling so it is worth mentioning...Facebook Stories "may" end up replacing the news feed at some point in the future. Here's the dilemma, I bet most of us are not using FB Stories to our benefit (I know I am not). If you are getting good traction from Facebook Stories please chime in and share the low down on how you use them to generate interest, leads, and increase followership. I certainly would love to know and I bet others will too. 
I have … (30 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - How to Get Into the FB Game - 04/03/19 03:47 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Spring always brings change and that should be no different for your Facebook presence. Here are a couple of quick things you can do to ensure your FB page looks fresh and is poised to generate more traffic and prospects.
Update your profile photo Complete your "About" section Always include a call to action Pin important things to the top of the page Fix what is broken Keep it simple Post and respond consistently It really is that easy. Get these things right then you can move on to more advanced methods of getting your page to … (29 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Ad Targeting Is Getting Squeezed - 03/20/19 04:37 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you hear Facebook is about to make more changes to advertisement targeting to further help prevent discrimination? Housing ads is one of the areas where changes are going to occur. How far sweeping they will be is not known but it could affect ad types you may already be running. More to come but be ready to make adjustments going forward as changes like this are often done swiftly. 
FB announced this week hundreds of millions of users passwords were mistakenly stored on internal servers in plain text, some for years. They have said it appears no … (31 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Tips to Generate New Clients - 03/13/19 02:31 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
An incredibly busy week has left precious little time for social media. The one positive thing I did was post an ad for a recently sold home, got noticed by a homeowner, and was fortunate to compete/win an upcoming listing as a result. I have had really good success with sold ads...probably better than any other type I do. What type of Facebook ads (if you run them) are providing the best results for your biz? 
There has been quite a bit of talk about FB privacy (again) the past couple of weeks. I know some are skiddish … (30 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - Does Auto-Pilot Marketing Make Sense? - 02/27/19 02:55 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Have you noticed the ebb and flow of online marketing? In particular, our ability to do a lot of social media activities one week and almost nothing the next. It happens and we should not get discouraged or frustrated when we have one of those "no time for social media" weeks.
Consistency is certainly one of the pillars of making Facebook marketing work long-term but if you have already established a regular rhythm, a week of autopilot every once in awhile is not going to hurt your presence. The key is to make that an exception, not … (32 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 5 Things To Do When Your Marketing Fails - 02/20/19 04:42 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Wow. It has been quite awhile since I remember a week where I saw more FB bashing going on. It was happening in mastermind groups, as comments on general "guru" posts, and even here in the Rain. Most of the complaints were much ado about nothing or rehashing old rants. While I did a pretty good job of staying out of the debates, it did get me thinking. If we as biz owners are not happy with FB here are 5 key things we can do about it...
Close Your Account - I dare you! If FB is … (35 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 5 Ways To Turn Prospects Into Clients - 02/13/19 03:24 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
You have worked hard at establishing and refining your Facebook marketing tactics to ensure real estate consumers are finding and engaging with you. They are now asking for assistance with their buying and/or selling needs. Now what? 
Here are key things you should be doing to cement online relationships and let others know you are a trusted real estate resource they should want to do future business with too...
Respond Quickly - When you get inquiries or questions, respond as fast as is practical. If it takes several hours for you to engage, explain why. Even a quick note explaining … (37 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 5 Tasks To Increase Your Clientele - 02/06/19 05:39 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day for all the activities we need, want, or should accomplish. Know what I mean? When I have days like that I have to double down and commit to doing social media tasks. Sometimes I do them begrudgingly, but I try to make the effort each and every day. I know many of you also struggle with this.
Here are a few simple tips to help ensure you give SM the attention it warrants to drive new traffic and future clients your way...
Get Up/Stay Up 20 … (25 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 3 Ways to Become a Facebook Champion - 01/30/19 04:53 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Is social media marketing overstated? Is it a waste of time? Is it under utilized? Does it take too much time? Is it too difficult to implement? The answer to all of those questions depends on how you are using the SM platforms you frequent.
Using any social media site (like Facebook) will not generate new prospects (who convert to clients) if you do not have an actionable plan to generate consumer interest. It is literally that simple!
Here is a little tough love to get you off the FB sidelines, into the game, and ultimately hoisting a closed transaction … (33 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression - 01/23/19 02:39 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Do you want others to take notice of your Facebook marketing and contact you for real estate assistance? Of course you do! It all starts with your biz page and what consumers see (and more importantly what they do not see) that helps them decide if you are someone they want to do real estate business with.
Here are a few simple things you can do right now to ensure those visiting have the best possible experience when they check out your FB biz page...
Update your cover photo Assure the "About" section is current Make sure the link … (40 comments)

facebook: Facebook Fridays - 12 Ways to Generate Local Interest - 01/16/19 05:19 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
If you are like me you are always looking for new opportunities to make a difference in your local market. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can accomplish that with your Facebook marketing and most of them are free.
Here are 12 simple ways you can generate local interest, interaction, and ultimately new prospects from your Facebook biz page...
Create a group geared towards local topics, events, or interests Complete your profile and optimize your vanity URL Always have a call to action Be specific as possible Have fun Utilize the power of FB ads Engage with your … (45 comments)

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