facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Tips to Generate New Clients - 03/13/19 02:31 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
An incredibly busy week has left precious little time for social media. The one positive thing I did was post an ad for a recently sold home, got noticed by a homeowner, and was fortunate to compete/win an upcoming listing as a result. I have had really good success with sold ads...probably better than any other type I do. What type of Facebook ads (if you run them) are providing the best results for your biz? 
There has been quite a bit of talk about FB privacy (again) the past couple of weeks. I know some are skiddish … (30 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Does Auto-Pilot Marketing Make Sense? - 02/27/19 02:55 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Have you noticed the ebb and flow of online marketing? In particular, our ability to do a lot of social media activities one week and almost nothing the next. It happens and we should not get discouraged or frustrated when we have one of those "no time for social media" weeks.
Consistency is certainly one of the pillars of making Facebook marketing work long-term but if you have already established a regular rhythm, a week of autopilot every once in awhile is not going to hurt your presence. The key is to make that an exception, not … (32 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - 5 Things To Do When Your Marketing Fails - 02/20/19 04:42 PM

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Wow. It has been quite awhile since I remember a week where I saw more FB bashing going on. It was happening in mastermind groups, as comments on general "guru" posts, and even here in the Rain. Most of the complaints were much ado about nothing or rehashing old rants. While I did a pretty good job of staying out of the debates, it did get me thinking. If we as biz owners are not happy with FB here are 5 key things we can do about it...
Close Your Account - I dare you! If FB is … (35 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - 5 Tasks To Increase Your Clientele - 02/06/19 05:39 PM

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Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day for all the activities we need, want, or should accomplish. Know what I mean? When I have days like that I have to double down and commit to doing social media tasks. Sometimes I do them begrudgingly, but I try to make the effort each and every day. I know many of you also struggle with this.
Here are a few simple tips to help ensure you give SM the attention it warrants to drive new traffic and future clients your way...
Get Up/Stay Up 20 … (25 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - 3 Ways to Become a Facebook Champion - 01/30/19 04:53 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Is social media marketing overstated? Is it a waste of time? Is it under utilized? Does it take too much time? Is it too difficult to implement? The answer to all of those questions depends on how you are using the SM platforms you frequent.
Using any social media site (like Facebook) will not generate new prospects (who convert to clients) if you do not have an actionable plan to generate consumer interest. It is literally that simple!
Here is a little tough love to get you off the FB sidelines, into the game, and ultimately hoisting a closed transaction … (33 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - What are Your 2019 FB Goals? - 01/08/19 04:14 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
If you are utilizing facebook marketing to generate new leads, I bet you made a few goals for 2019. Care to share one of them with the rest of us? It will help keep you accountable and perhaps give someone else the push to stretch their goals a bit. Mine is 12 closings that I can attribute directly to FB marketing this year. What is yours? 
Did you know one of the best ways to learn about FB marketing is to watch what others are doing on the site. I do it often and I know some of … (32 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Do You Exhibit StickToItiveness? - 01/03/19 06:27 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I am offering my best tip for FREE to ensure you see FB biz success this year. No strings attached. All it will cost you is a little time. The tip...you need to have, exhibit, and maintain StickToItiveness if you want lasting results. All the gadgets and gizmos will not help you if you refuse to stick with the FB regimen you create for yourself. Honest words from somone who has been there! 
What does your "About" page say about your business? It is super easy to update and provides consumers with a host of information about the services you … (49 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Did Your Marketing Meet the Mark in 2018? - 12/19/18 03:47 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Now that 2018 is winding down, did your Facebook marketing efforts net new prospects, or better yet, new clients this year?  Did you commit to using ads? How did FB Live work for you? Start any successful groups? Utilize any of the tips found in the Facebook Fridays Group to reach a goal? Here is your opportunity to mention what has worked and failed for you! You do not have to give any valuable secrets away, just keep it high level if you are bothered about others in your market copying your success. Do share! 
As I periodically … (36 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - 3 Things You Need To Stop Doing! - 12/05/18 08:39 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Have you seen, read, or heard about biz owners who are generating new clients from FB without seemingly doing much to create page interest? Maybe that someone is you!
Perhaps the opposite is true and you are slogging away daily without any success. Sound familiar? If you find yourself in the latter category, you may be sabotaging your efforts without knowing it.
Here are 3 things you definitely should stop doing on Facebook if you want more business...
Stop Being Controversial. No one likes a keyboard crazy. No.One. Whether it is politics, religion, or your favorite hot button topic, … (58 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Prepping Your Page for the Holidays! - 11/27/18 07:34 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
This is the perfect time of the year to ramp up your social media efforts. Why? Many consumers will have extended time off and plenty of downtime. You can bet a substantial number of those folks will be on Facebook too. Take advantage by doing key things outlined below to improve the likelihood of new visitors (or even repeat followers) spending time on your FB page this month.
Here are 4 things you can do to get your Facebook page ready for the holidays...
Concentrate on Themed Photos. Holiday related (or end of year) themed graphics can drive an … (37 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - 5 Ways to Generate More FB Engagement - 10/30/18 03:24 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Are you doing everything you can to drive new engagement to your biz page where consumers can see your content? If you are like the majority of FB users, you are probably posting whenever the information is ready. That may not be the best approach.
Check out and experiment with these 5 ways to generate more Facebook engagement and I bet your numbers increase...
Post when consumers are on the network. A duh moment but there is actually more to it than that. Periodically check your FB Insights to see when consumer activity is high and post then. Tweak … (31 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - 5 Reasons to NOT Buy Followers or Likes - 10/24/18 04:14 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Buying Facebook likes or followers...Many are tempted yet few succeed! It is fools gold that should be avoided. We want real consumers leaving real comments on our content, not an inflated vanity number that does nothing to help you generate new prospects and leads. Build your presence the old-fashioned way and you will be better off both short and long-term.
Here are 5 reasons why buying FB likes or followers is a bad idea:
Purchased Likes will NOT become clients. They were not interested to begin with so your chances of converting them to future clients are incredibly low, … (69 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - The Scoop on Stories and Snoozing! - 09/26/18 03:50 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has finally opened up Facebook Story ads to all businesses so if you have been waiting for this feature, it is now here for everyone. Coming soon will be Messenger Ads which I personally find intriguing and will most likely try out a time or two to see if it has a place in my social media toolbelt going forward. Have you been adding anything to your FB toolbelt recently?
I mentioned in the Summer that Facebook Snooze would be arriving soon and it looks like it may hit the streets for all uses before 2018 closes … (23 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - What Say You? - 09/05/18 02:39 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Breaking from tradition this week...instead of sharing new things that are happening or about to happen with Facebook, I want to hear from you guys. What have you been trying with your FB marketing that is working or has fallen flat? I know many are gun shy about sharing their tips for fear their local competition may emulate, but the truth is, there are several ways for them to reverse engineer what you are doing so it really is not a secret anyway. Do share Rainers...I/we would love to know what's going on with your FB marketing … (28 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - It's All About The Links! - 08/28/18 12:02 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I am a little giddy right now because I heard awhile back that FB was toying with the idea of allowing us to add links to Facebook Stories. It looks like they are in test mode right now with selected accounts having the ability to share links to content that interest them. This could be huge for getting back some of the organic reach we have lost over the last 3 years. More to come but it could be a positive addition to our social arsenal going forward. 
Did You Know...According to BusinessofApps, 68% of FB users access … (25 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Are You Leading the Pack or Along for the Ride? - 08/22/18 03:51 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has been cracking down this month on what it deems "inauthentic behavior" by deleting pages and groups that it deems untrustworthy. If your page was taken down it is most likely because FB thought it was misleading consumers. I have not heard of any individual real estate pages that were deleted as much of the activity has centered around non-U.S. accounts but it can certainly occur. Hopefully your page is still intact!  
Facebook is also in the process of redesigning their mobile interface. Coming soon is an improved navigation bar and a more robust local business browsing … (21 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Is It Time To Hit The Snooze Button? - 08/11/18 04:37 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook is currently testing a potential new feature that I am pretty excited about. It is called "Keyword Snoozing" and will allow you to hide content with specific keywords for up to 30 days from your personal feeds. Just think about the type of content you grow weary of (for me it is political "stuff") that you can effectively zap and not see for a month. I have not seen a timeline for its release yet, but I will definitely be looking. When I know, you can bet I will share that it is available. ;-) 
Did You … (33 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - What Floats Your Marketing Boat? - 08/08/18 02:26 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
If you are a FB Group admin in a parenting or professional or personal development group, did you know you can create a mentor program from within the group for a variety of programs/skills (i.e. support, skill development, etc.)? Group members can then sign up to be a mentor or mentee and the group admin will pair them up so they can interact. It is a guided FB program that provides one-on-one interaction. Curious...anyone in a group that is offering this feature? If so, have you signed up?
For the rest of us...Did you know you can track … (23 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Are You Spending Money to Make Money? - 08/01/18 03:30 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Lots of FB changes recently, especially as it relates to sharing of information with 3rd party apps. If they have not specifically and formally requested information, their FB API access was cut-off on August 1st.
Closer to home for many of us is the addition of a new Tab on the left side-bar titled "Info and Ads". This tab gives us the capability to check out any ads a particular page or brand is currently running. Use it to reverse engineer what others are doing or to just snoop and see what your local competitors are up … (30 comments)

facebook advice: Facebook Fridays - Is Your Harvest Plentiful or Dying On The Vine? - 07/24/18 02:03 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you know one of the easiest ways (and free) to increase your brand exposure, develop a larger followership, and increase the potential for new prospects and leads is to either join or create FB groups. Share without advertising and you will be surprised by the amount of traffic you start getting on your site as well as the number of new consumers who start contacting you for real estate assistance. Do it consistently, and over time, you will have created a steady secondary source of new business. 
Did You Know...According to the Pew Research Center, 79% of … (37 comments)

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