facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Faking It Is Fools Gold - 09/13/17 05:08 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has really started to step up their game to eliminate fake news stories. In fact, if you are a repeat offender you run the risk of never being able to place ads again. If you have ever seen any of these ridiculous pages you know many want your attention so you will stop and click the ad. I for one am glad this cleanup is in progress! 
Did You Know...according to SproutSocial, Facebook is available in 70 different languages. This is incredibly useful marketing information if you live in a bi/multi-language community. ;-) 
With so many suffering due to Harvey/Irma, … (39 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Personal or Professional? - 07/30/17 11:33 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I have been asked a couple of times offline in the past few weeks by Rainers why I do not share personal FB profiles. Good question. The primary reason is because we should only be promoting business information via a FB business page. Facebook makes this clear in their Terms of Service.
I know many Rainers use their personal profiles to share business information, often times with better success than they see from their FB biz pages. However, there is always the risk that Facebook will begin to crack down on this practice and everything will be lost. … (27 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - What Feedback Are You Getting? - 07/12/17 01:49 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Are you having difficulties finding your FB footing? Not getting the quality leads you expected (or any at all). If so, the first place to start is with what you are posting to your FB page. If you are not getting any feedback from local readers you are not providing the real estate content they want to see. What's the easiest way to remedy that issue? Ask your readers what they want...it really is that simple!  ;-)
Did You Know...according to Bit.ly, Facebook engagement is 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. Try it for yourself and see if … (34 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - An Honest Assessment Is One Request Away! - 06/21/17 03:54 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Full width mobile FB ads are now here as is tighter scrutiny for click-bait targeting at the post level. Both are changes I have been waiting for as I believe they will improve the Facebook experience for all users. However, I am curious how FB will be able to decipher click-bait posts over regular content...I guess that is why their engineers/code gurus get paid the big bucks!
Did You Know...according to ExpandedRamblings, there will be over 169 million Facebook users in the U.S. by 2018! How much more income can you generate by getting only 6 of them to commit to … (24 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - To Schedule Or Not To Schedule? - 03/07/17 02:23 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Let's face it, for many of us it is very difficult to keep up with our social media marketing. It can be hard to find the time to socialize, promote, and engage let alone keep up with the nearly constant barrage of changes. While I cannot help you do the first 3 (perhaps a V.A. is needed?!) this weekly series does provide tips galore on how to best use existing and new FB features. Try out the advice, Rainers. 
Did you know...According to Facebook, they had 1.23 billion daily active users (on average) in December 2016. That is … (45 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - No Frills...Simple Works! - 06/14/16 11:03 AM

Facebook Marketing
I have been having a blast the last couple of months trying out new (to me) social media platforms. I have kept a few in my real estate toolbelt that I believe will add value and help build my brand and have quickly moved past a couple others that I just could not gain traction on.
During this time I have continued to work hard at posting on my FB Biz Page and commenting in local FB groups each week and it has been paying off with a lot of recent prospects. They are all consumers I may not have … (22 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Cruising For More Biz! - 04/27/16 10:44 PM

Facebook Marketing
I have been cruising down the information superhighway this month with plenty of stop overs at my favorite social media sites and blogging locales with good success. I encourage you to be consistent with your stop overs too, regardless if it is on 1 site or 20. Provide real estate consumers information they can use and they will keep coming back for more!
I have been noticing a decent rise lately in my Facebook reach without the benefit of ads or other methods. It has been a welcomed surprise, with surprise being the key word as I have posted more listing/sold … (29 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Increase Your Reach Without Stretching - 02/10/16 01:36 AM

Facebook Marketing
Have you noticed your content is reaching more consumers in your Facebook feed this year? My reach has hopped up steadily on many posts made in 2016, including listings. More eyes on our information is definitely a good thing. I hope you are also seeing more activity...do tell if you have noticed an increase.
For those chasing backlinks for their main sites, hopefully you know you can add a link to your website on your "About" tab on your Facebook fan page. It takes less than a minute to accomplish so jump all over it if you have not already done so.
One … (29 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Plan, Post, Share, Engage, & Repeat! - 01/06/16 06:31 AM

Facebook Marketing
Did Facebook marketing make your list of things to start, master, or generate biz from in 2016? It is definitely still on my list! Hopefully you are excited about the new year and have your social media plan all mapped out to get more exposure and generate new business. Remember to plan, post, share, engage, and repeat!
I am excited about using Facebook ads in various ways again this year, especially if the results continue to include new clients. I know many of you really took your biz to the next level via FB ads in 2015...kudos to you! If you … (36 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - A Little Give and Take! - 12/15/15 08:20 AM

Facebook Marketing
For those who may not know...post as often as you like to the Facebook Fridays Group, on any day you wish, just please ensure the article is about Facebook. Otherwise the article runs the risk of getting zapped by the group admin (me). I hope there are no hard feelings if you had an article removed recently.
I had a couple of incredibly busy social media days this week with several new FB prospects. Time will tell if any of them turn into clients, but it is evidence to me that local consumers are finding me. I hope you are having … (30 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Finding Biz Before It Finds You - 11/16/15 09:20 PM

Facebook Marketing
I spent scant little time on ActiveRain this week, instead spending every free business minute working on social media, content curation, and catching up on guest blog opportunities. It felt good, especially as I made a lot of progress in a few areas I have been wanting to gain a foothold in.
Whatever you did to increase your exposure online this week, I hope it included plenty of activity using social media to gain more traction for your blog articles. Do not wait for consumers to find you...go find them first! 
As always, there are 5 top notch Rainers for you … (35 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Where Will Your Next Client Come From? - 11/03/15 07:06 AM

It is my favorite social media day of the week...Facebook Fridays! I have been busy doing this and that on my biz page, even boosted a post this week to a local targeted audience with very good results (including an upcoming listing opportunity). You never know where the next client will come from but we can make it easier for them to find us in the first place!
I have had a lot of fun the past few weeks looking for Rainers to showcase and this week is no different. You may see a few familiar faces and perhaps even a few … (46 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Are You Engaged? - 10/28/15 11:42 PM

It is Facebook Fridays but in reality every day is a great day to get busy generating interest on and via social media. I have been doing plenty of that this week on several platforms and hope you have too!
Per usual, this weeks article showcases 5 Rainers for you to go over and visit on Facebook. So please take the time to do that. Go ahead, do it now...we'll wait for you to come back. ;-) 
Engagement is a key to growing your followership, having a larger reach, and generating both interest and new clients. Do not take my word for it...try … (32 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Falling Off the Social Media Wagon - 08/06/15 07:34 AM

Woot, Woot! I am excited because it is Friday and I have a full slate of real estate activities planned. I typically try to do something business related 7 days a week, 364 days of the year (Christmas is the exception), so first day of the week, last day, hump day...they are all real estate days in my book! Even something as simple as spending a couple of minutes updating our CRM or making a quick call to long-term prospects can make a difference.
This year I have also made it a point to try and do something on social media every … (30 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - A Waste of Time or Money in the Bank?! - 07/23/15 07:55 AM

Someone mentioned to me the other day that Facebook marketing is a waste of time and it does not work. I agreed with them. Not because I believe what they said but because I know the methodology they have used is not going to increase the bank account or bring prospects their way. Throwing an article on their FB page once a week then forgetting about it until the next week and continually repeating that cycle is not going to give consumers any incentive to call or email for real estate assistance. 
Facebook dark posts work (Kyle Reyes has blogged about this on … (82 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Well Done and Half-Baked! - 07/09/15 07:56 AM

If you have ever blogged a continuous series you know how rewarding it can be, especially when those that follow the series provide feedback and tips, ask questions, participate in general, and/or show interest. Over the past month I have been tracking the questions I have received via email, calls, and messaging and here are the top 3 things Facebook Fridays fans have asked me about over that time-period.
What Are Facebook Dark Posts?
Kyle Reyes answers it far better than I can here: Facebook Dark Posts
How do I Create A Facebook Fan Page? 
Lots of quality resources for this but I often provide this … (44 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Building a Kick-Butt Prospect Machine! - 07/02/15 09:26 AM

Change is in the air. Can you feel it? ActiveRain has new ownership and several social media platforms have slowly and quietly been making subtle changes over the past few months, Facebook included. As crazy as it sounds, change is one of the few constants we can always rely on!
For us, maybe change is needed too. Perhaps a new commitment to SM and Facebook in particular. Maybe now is the time you started posting videos to FB, try or tweak your Facebook ads, set a plan in motion to engage more with your fan page visitors, or perhaps it is time … (40 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Let's Learn Together! - 06/25/15 07:41 AM

Rainer Facebook Fan Pages
Did you miss me this week? LOL! It has been a crazy busy real estate week here in middle GA and it has definitely affected my ability to reach out here in the Rain. Of course I found a way to make time to ensure Facebook Fridays was ready to roll before the sun came up today. YAY! 
Did you try something new this week on Facebook? Are you about to start a new ad, change up your cover photo, or perhaps make a radical update of some kind? Perhaps your FB page is generating plenty of new leads … (29 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - Where Are Your Online Travels Taking You? - 06/17/15 09:14 AM

Rainer Facebook Fan Pages
My ActiveRain travels this week took me all over the site looking for quality Rainers to showcase in this edition of Facebook Fridays. Fortunately for all ya'll, I once again found 5 excellent choices for you to go visit!
If you have not yet been featured on Facebook Fridays, I would love to show off your Facebook Fan Page (sorry, no personal pages) on a future post. All you need to do is share the URL in a comment below. It really is that easy!
PLEASE stop by these Facebook Fan Pages, LIKE their page, and leave a comment. It … (30 comments)

facebook fan pages: Facebook Fridays - The Social Media Promised Land - 06/11/15 07:48 AM

Rainer Facebook Fan Pages
There are strength in numbers...it is neither prophetic nor profound, just realistic. That statement definitely holds true for social media! When those who want to succeed on social media band together they/we can be a powerful force. That is one of the many reasons I ask each week for you to go like and leave a comment on each of the Rainers I showcase. The more we help each other, the more get involved, and pretty soon we have a lot of activity which is great for generating interest, prospects, and the attention of Google. It works Rainers!
If … (18 comments)

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