social media tips: Facebook Fridays - 5 New Ways To Improve Your Marketing - 10/02/19 03:36 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has made a few significant changes recently that could have a positive impact on your ability to reach new consumers. Here are a few worth noting...
Messenger Lead Generation Tools - Found in the ads manager, it gives you the ability to qualify new leads automatically via automation New Collaborative Story Options - Allowing others whom you choose to collab on your work. A group event using this feature could improve brand awareness Live Rehearsals - Show your videos to a select audience then use the new tools to refine the information/presentation before sharing it with … (27 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - 7 Reasons Why FB Marketing Works! - 09/17/19 03:31 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Love it or hate it, there is no denying Facebook's place at the top of the social media ladder. That means for anyone looking for new prospects or increased brand awareness, a simple solution to both "problems" is to establish a Facebook presence. Your opportunities increase exponentially the more positive things you do on the site (FB Live, ads, great content, consistency, etc.).
Here are 7 reasons why FB should be very high on your list if you want to use social media as a secondary source for gaining new business...
FB has 2.41 billion active monthly … (28 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - What's The One Thing You Would Change About FB? - 05/01/19 03:40 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I was part of a FB mastermind group recently where someone asked what would be the 1 thing you would change about FB if you had the power to change anything (short of eliminating it). What's the one thing you would you change about the platform? 
For some of you I bet something came immediately to mind (do share). For others, it probably takes a few minutes to peel things back and identify 1 key thing worth changing. Maybe your list has more than 1 thing, that's ok to. What change(s) do you want to see?
Did you know...1.56 billion … (27 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - How Important Is Your Cover Photo? - 04/21/19 09:15 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
The very first thing new visitors will notice when they visit your Facebook Business Page is the cover photo (sometimes called the banner). It should positively reflect your business and provide important information you want consumers to know.
The key dimensions are 820 pixels (px) wide by 312 px high for desktop viewing and 640 px wide by 360 px high for mobile devices. Anything less and FB will stretch the photos to meet those do not want that (i.e. blurry images). My cover photo is due for a change, how about yours?
Did you know...there are … (28 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - What are FB Stories Doing For You? - 04/10/19 04:51 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I try not to assume things in this weekly article but the rumor keeps swirling so it is worth mentioning...Facebook Stories "may" end up replacing the news feed at some point in the future. Here's the dilemma, I bet most of us are not using FB Stories to our benefit (I know I am not). If you are getting good traction from Facebook Stories please chime in and share the low down on how you use them to generate interest, leads, and increase followership. I certainly would love to know and I bet others will too. 
I have … (30 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Ad Targeting Is Getting Squeezed - 03/20/19 04:37 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you hear Facebook is about to make more changes to advertisement targeting to further help prevent discrimination? Housing ads is one of the areas where changes are going to occur. How far sweeping they will be is not known but it could affect ad types you may already be running. More to come but be ready to make adjustments going forward as changes like this are often done swiftly. 
FB announced this week hundreds of millions of users passwords were mistakenly stored on internal servers in plain text, some for years. They have said it appears no … (31 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - 5 Tasks To Increase Your Clientele - 02/06/19 05:39 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day for all the activities we need, want, or should accomplish. Know what I mean? When I have days like that I have to double down and commit to doing social media tasks. Sometimes I do them begrudgingly, but I try to make the effort each and every day. I know many of you also struggle with this.
Here are a few simple tips to help ensure you give SM the attention it warrants to drive new traffic and future clients your way...
Get Up/Stay Up 20 … (25 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Is It Time To Hit The Snooze Button? - 08/11/18 04:37 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook is currently testing a potential new feature that I am pretty excited about. It is called "Keyword Snoozing" and will allow you to hide content with specific keywords for up to 30 days from your personal feeds. Just think about the type of content you grow weary of (for me it is political "stuff") that you can effectively zap and not see for a month. I have not seen a timeline for its release yet, but I will definitely be looking. When I know, you can bet I will share that it is available. ;-) 
Did You … (33 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Are You Spending Money to Make Money? - 08/01/18 03:30 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Lots of FB changes recently, especially as it relates to sharing of information with 3rd party apps. If they have not specifically and formally requested information, their FB API access was cut-off on August 1st.
Closer to home for many of us is the addition of a new Tab on the left side-bar titled "Info and Ads". This tab gives us the capability to check out any ads a particular page or brand is currently running. Use it to reverse engineer what others are doing or to just snoop and see what your local competitors are up … (30 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Is Your Harvest Plentiful or Dying On The Vine? - 07/24/18 02:03 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you know one of the easiest ways (and free) to increase your brand exposure, develop a larger followership, and increase the potential for new prospects and leads is to either join or create FB groups. Share without advertising and you will be surprised by the amount of traffic you start getting on your site as well as the number of new consumers who start contacting you for real estate assistance. Do it consistently, and over time, you will have created a steady secondary source of new business. 
Did You Know...According to the Pew Research Center, 79% of … (37 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Is Your Marketing Bad A$$ or Just Bad? - 07/19/18 03:22 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you notice last month that FB eliminated their seldom used "Trending" option that gave users a snapshot of the topics that were popular across the platform? Currently, they are testing a couple of new options to help us all stay informed. Those include "Breaking News Label" and "Today In". Both of these are supposed to ensure the news we see on FB is trustworthy and from reliable sources. If you do not see these options yet, do not be alarmed as they are being tested only in select markets and with specific publishers. More to come … (25 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Using Themes To Grow Your FB Presence - 07/12/18 09:52 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Did you know that themed posts typically perform well on FB? With summer in full swing you can do a whole series on "fun things to do this summer in Podunk", generate some buzz around a favorite activity (places to swim, hikes, garden activities, etc.), and even capture a new audience with questions, polls, and contests that have summer related themes. You could even take a photo of something unusual in town and offer a "prize" (maybe your buyer or seller guide since many families move in the summer, a cooler for those beach trips, or something … (34 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Reach Your Goals With A Plan Of Attack - 07/04/18 02:28 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I am surrounded by planners in my family which has helped me stay focused when I start to wander away from my intended goal. Do you have a plan? A strategy to generate new clients from FB? If not, now is the time to take a long look at your marketing and decide what you can do to reach your goals. If nothing comes to mind, perhaps it is time to hire someone to assist. The point is...we need to stop doing the same old thing and expect better results. FB can be a great marketing tool … (19 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Re-Share Your Epic Content To Increase Exposure - 06/28/18 02:56 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
You created epic content (which article just came to mind?), shared it via social media, then probably forgot about it. Hey, it happens. Do you know that typically less than 5% of your followers will have seen that content? Not to worry, by periodically (today for instance) re-sharing your best content, you can reach a whole new set of consumers as well as a different segment of your loyal followers. If the article is evergreen, you might want to consider sharing it each month with a couple of boosts throughout the year to get more eyes on … (35 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Tips To Avoid An Outdated Biz Page - 06/21/18 08:10 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook made a bunch of updates again this month and a couple of them are definitely worth a mention and possibly a long look by you. Facebook Pixel got tweaked and is something you should spend some time this weekend getting more familiar with. They also updated target audience advertising and that roll-out should kick in early next month. These are just 2 of the recent updates that should help marketers and consumers alike. Are you staying up with the changes?
Did You Know...According to Facebook, there are currently 2.2 billion monthly active users. How many of them do … (12 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - What Happens When You Mix Things Up? - 05/09/18 02:03 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Do you sometimes feel like your FB marketing is like being in the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day? Eventually, even successful choices if done over and over will begin to become less effective. This week try something out-of-the-norm and see how your readers react. It can be as simple as a question or photo message or as elaborate as a contest. Just mix it up and see what transpires. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.
Did You Know...According to Statista, 81% of U.S. adults aged 18-29 use Facebook. 78% for 30-49, 65% from 50 to 64, … (23 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Who Is In Your Tribe? - 05/01/18 03:33 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Do you know what the easiest way to generate a steady stream of Facebook leads is?  It is not ads nor is it FB groups, although both should be an integral part of your overall Facebook strategy. It is simply to engage those who make contact with you. Acknowledge those consumers who leave a comment, respond to your private messages, and even seek out those who leave a like. The more "touch" you provide, the better your chances are of creating leads that turn into clients.
Did You Know...According to Gizmodo, there are over 300 million photos posted … (43 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Be Informed and Avoid Getting Snakebit - 04/25/18 02:47 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Facebook has gone under the hood and made a bunch of privacy and advertisement adds, changes, deletions, and updates over the past month to better protect information and to improve the user experience. They have clamped down on what 3rd party apps can access (i.e. member lists, events, affiliations, groups, photos, etc.), improved page authenticity (to reduce fake accounts), made privacy tool updates, and plenty of other changes. What have you noticed?
Did You Know...According to Pew Research Center, 68% of U.S. adults use Facebook making it the #1 most frequented social media platform. Are you generating leads … (26 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - Conspiracy, Compromise, or Opportunity? - 04/11/18 01:49 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Up to 87 million U.S. based FB accounts were compromised when their (our) information was inappropriately shared with research firm Cambridge Analytica over the last couple of years. Who cares! If we have an online presence our information can be scraped by those who know how to do it.
Instead of worrying about a compromise, I prefer to use my resources to improve my online posture, and I know FB can and does help me do that. I will leave the conspiracies (or told-you-so's) to those with more free time on their hands...I just want to generate new biz! What about you?
Did You … (25 comments)

social media tips: Facebook Fridays - What It Takes To Become A Groupie - 04/04/18 03:30 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Over the past few years I have found I get the quickest Facebook results from my articles/listings because I am active in several FB groups. Most of the groups are local but I also frequent a couple of large scale groups to see what is trending in both real estate and social media. If you are not already actively utilizing Facebook groups, I would highly encourage you to give them a try. You can start your FB group search here.
I have also found it pays to dust off older content, refresh it with updated information (and photos), … (31 comments)

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