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    Yes every kid is jumping up and down for job. and every parent is wondering how am I going to keep them busy... I know for me that is what I go through every year.. but, I have been pretty lucky that my oldest can keep her self busy.. (teen) and my youngest still wants to do the summer day ca...
1. PICK THE RIGHT BROKER: Look for local agents who are listing, marketing and selling in your community. Ask several of them to make a listing presentation to discuss your home's value and explain how they would market your property, Lets face any one can put an ad in the paper.. but ask them w...
Well it is official, Central New York is not like the other areas, and it is high time we have been recognized.. and by the looks of the report I got off our boards web site.. things are looking great...  Syracuse named 1 of 4 "HEALTHY OR IMPROVING"Markets in U.S.In a National Press Release by th...
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter... and just remember Spring is here and that means Sales.. 
Sping is here.. and that means for sale signs are popping up all over the place, so if you are thinking of buying or selling.. now is the time.. and yes the market in Syracuse is still strong and going well, we have been so lucky in this market..home sales are still climbing and prices are not fa...
There is so much talk today how we as agents have to work harder then before.. I was one of the lucky agents who came into the market.. in 2003 when the iron was hot.. and the only skill I needed was to smile.. and the house would sell. Now today I have to work.. there is much more then putting t...
I was watching the news last night and it talked about the large number of realtors that are getting out of the business. Well I wish that was true in my market.. board has over 2200 agents and I know that is not alot compared to other boards.. but.. I say yee hoo less competition for me....
Well it is Mid to end of January and some might say this winter has been kind of un eventful..were the weather is concerned that maybe true for some but people who are north of me are not saying that.. Fulton and Oswego had a 3 feet snow fall over the weekend of Jan 20, 2008.. but for us people w...
I know it is has been some time since my last blog and I do apologize,.. it is not like me I am not going to use the excuse that I was busy and it was the holidays, then I had to de decorate the house then I got my office in order and packed up all the old files went through some junk paper clean...
The business plan list that is... yes it is that time of the year again when I sit down and go over everything I did for the year.. one of the best things I did was join this community which is great, made my own web site www.anitalewicki.comthat is were you can see all my great listings and catc...

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