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Anna "Banana" Kruchten is here to help you navigate buying or selling a home in the Phoenix Metro Area. My blog is updated almost daily so be sure to FOLLOW ME and keep in the know of what's going on in the Phoenix Real Estate Market. On my blog you'll find Real Estate Information, Market Statistics, Neighborhood Information, School Updates, Upcoming Workshops, Information about Local Business Partners and occasionally posts just for fun!



Crazy?  Me?  Kind of today.....   Today I've got 4 work men at the house and it's been crazy!  2 guys are putting in the new granite counter-tops and the other 2 are working on some electrical outlets and spots.  The good news is, after 2 months of no kitchen I will finally have a working kitchen...
What does 110 degree temperature feel like in Phoenix?   A fellow agent from NH, Scott Godzyk, asked me this question.  It got me thinking - what does 110 degrees feel like?  To a Phoenician 110 degrees is really not THAT hot. Seriously, it's just not THAT hot!  When it gets to 115+ degrees that ...
    BOTTLE OF WINE----A TOUCHING STORY ALL WOMEN WILL ADORE!    I heard that several 'BananaTudes' have been having a long, rough day so I thought I'd cheer them up a bit with this touching story  that a client sent to me this morning. I just had to share it with you!   Enjoy the story and your e...
Being a Positive Influence is a Gift     These two young, just married people have been the major influencers in my life. I'm sure that on their wedding day they're weren't thinking of being a major influence to 8 kids! LOL!   MOM: what she gave me was her constant 'joy de vie' attitude. She was ...
Half Empty or Half Full   Everybody has heard the saying, do you see the glass half empty or half full a million times or more.  And yet somehow it always comes down to seeing things half empty or half full.  Think about it -- I mean really think about it, again. There is a big difference you kno...
What's a stupid counter offer?   Folks let's get this right up front - every real estate offer situation is different but when it comes to counter offers some are wise and well advised and some are flat out stupid.  I ran across a stupid counter offer the other day. In fact it was probably one of...
Phoenix - Maricopa County 4 year home sales comparison July 2014   The June 2014 home sales numbers are lower than the previous year but that doesn't mean homes aren't selling at the Phoenix Property Shoppe.  Why is that you might ask?   Because we price homes correctly for the market, prepare ho...
The Power of Prospecting Treats   This morning as I was working in my home office my little guy Barnie started getting all excited and I knew what that meant.  There must be some neighbor dogs outside and he just has to get out there - now MOM!  NOW!  I couldn't help but smile and get him out the...
Business Plan Review 7/17 - 3 hrs Agency CE - Instructor Anna Banana   Scottsdale Arizona : It's hot out there which makes it the perfect time to review your business plan, receive agency credit and stay cool!   Join Instructor Anna 'Banana' Kruchten for a fun and informative business and life pl...
How can I get a copy of a permit pulled on a home in Phoenix Arizona   Today we needed to find a permit that was pulled on a remodel done in 2008 for a Phoenix home that we have listed. It  will be closing escrow in a few weeks and the buyers requested a copy of the permit (as they should).  The ...

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