attitude: Behavior VS Attitude - Which works faster and better? - 03/21/18 03:38 PM
After reading Mike Cooper's post The lifespan of a blog I thought, what the heck I'll go back and check my numbers since it's been awhile. I highly recommend you read Mike's post and take a look at your numbers too. Quite informative and enlightening activity to do today and into the future.
Honestly I wasn't shocked with my results.  The same post that continues to go on and on and on, had nothing to do with being a real estate professional and yet it has everything to do with being a real estate professional and every other business for that … (23 comments)

attitude: Behavior Affects Attitude; Attitude Affects Behavior - 06/15/09 11:17 AM
 One of the fastest ways to change our external circumstances is to change the way we think about things. No matter how well trained we are at controlling our self-talk, sometimes we confuse two basic concepts: attitude and behavior.
Behavior is, quite simply, the way we act - the things we do and say, like facial expressions, hand gestures, eye contact, and word choices. Generally speaking, behavior follows attitude. We tend to behave the way we feel.
Sometimes, though, we find ourselves in a position when we have to alter our behavior to be different from our underlying attitude. I heard a contractor … (3 comments)

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