selling phoenix home: 5 Tips Selling Your Phoenix Home - 03/09/18 02:12 PM

5 Tips Selling Your Phoenix Home
Selling your Phoenix Area home can be emotional roller coaster if you're not prepared in advance. Perhaps you've lived in your home for many years, raised your family and have many happy memories of your home. It's not so easy to let go of those memories, is it?  This post, 5 Tips Selling Your Phoenix Home will give you a few things to think about if you're considering a move. And if you have questions or concerns about selling your home be sure to give us a call today.
Take the emotion out of selling your … (22 comments)

selling phoenix home: Selling Your Home – Importance of Bathrooms - 04/21/16 05:26 AM
Think of a time when you stayed at a fabulous hotel...picture the bathroom! When you first walked into the bathroom was it sparkling clean and fresh smelling? Where there fresh towels as well as new bottles of shampoo and bars of soap?  Did they add that extra touch of folding the toilet paper into a fancy design?  Just being in the hotel bathroom probably made you feel ‘pampered’ like you would at a spa. Can we all learn from the hotel industry when it comes to staging a bathroom when selling your home? I think so!
The hotel industry knows that in … (34 comments)

selling phoenix home: Home Sellers Think Like A Home Buyer - The WOW Factor - 11/11/15 04:47 AM
Home Sellers Think Like A Home Buyer - The WOW Factor 
When home buyers start their home buying process many know what they want such as 4 bedrooms, a pool, close to schools, an open concept floor plan etc.  And 9 times out of 10, one particular home 'speaks' to the home buyers which could easily tip the scale towards buying that home. I call it the WOW factor. Knowing the WOW factors of a home when selling is critical.
Think about it. How often to you hear new home buyers say - "We  absolutely love our Oasis backyard and pool!" Or, "The … (42 comments)

selling phoenix home: Professional? Comfortable? Crossing the Line - 07/14/15 08:39 AM
Professional? Comfortable? Crossing the Line 
Professional? Comfortable? Crossing the Line. Recently a contractor that we've recommended for years may have moved from professional to comfortable, crossing the line. A client of ours is preparing her home for sale. She's been happy with all the people we've referred thus far. She met with the last professional a few weeks ago and they struck up a conversation about their church family in common. All seemed to be fine and they agreed to terms and conditions of the job. The first few days he was at the home they were on a friendly basis and … (20 comments)

selling phoenix home: Simple Home Showing Flexibility Tips - 07/01/15 07:50 AM
 Simple Home Showing Flexibility Tips
How flexible do I need to be about showing my home on the market? Well, in a you want to sell your home?  If yes, then the answer is, be as flexible as humanly possible about showing times. The whole idea is to get your home shown as often as possible, right? And get it SOLD, right?  Making it challenging - or worse -   making it extremely difficult for agents to show your home is not a wise idea. Why put it a home the market if it's not going to be shown as often as … (20 comments)

selling phoenix home: Stay Put or Move? How to decide - 04/15/15 01:48 AM
Stay Put or Move?  How to decide
But how do you decide if you should actually move?
The first step is to consider practical reasons to consider buying a new home. What's pushing you in that direction?
Is your current home too small or too big? Is the commute to work for you, or your spouse too long? Are there property features you'd like to have like a bigger kitchen, pool (or maybe no pool)? Does the neighborhood no longer meet your wants/needs? Do you have personal reasons of why you want to move, such as a desire to be closer to family … (13 comments)

selling phoenix home: Metro Phoenix Real Estate City Wide Market Report October 2014 - 10/14/14 08:40 AM
 Metro Phoenix Real Estate City Wide Market Report October 201
The Phoenix Metro Real Estate Market has 'cooled' off  just a bit. Find your city in the chart below and compare the Sold Sept 2014 column to the Sold Last Year column and you'll see the current real estate 'temperature' in your area. You'll see that there isn't a significant difference between last year September sales and this years September sales. The numbers tell the real story.
What is different in the Phoenix Metro Real Estate Market?  The Days on Market column shows a different story from city to city.  … (12 comments)

selling phoenix home: Listing Success Rate by Month for Metro Phoenix Through August 2014 - 09/05/14 06:50 AM
Listing Success Rate by Month for Metro Phoenix Through August 2014
The Listing Success Rate by Calendar Month is an indicator that allows us to map out previous trends within the Metro Phoenix market to give a few different perspectives.  One of the key perspectives is allowing a snapshot of the busy times of the year versus times that are not as productive in the real estate market.  The chart below allows those perspectives to paint a bigger picture for everyone in the market to buy or sell a home.  
As we see, there is not much of … (8 comments)

selling phoenix home: How can I get a copy of a permit pulled on a home in Phoenix Arizona - 07/15/14 05:04 AM
How can I get a copy of a permit pulled on a home in Phoenix Arizona

Today we needed to find a permit that was pulled on a remodel done in 2008 for a Phoenix home that we have listed. It  will be closing escrow in a few weeks and the buyers requested a copy of the permit (as they should).  The owners have relocated to another state and don't have a copy of the permit in their file. Normally sellers will copies of their permits on hand but on occasion we need to do a little research to … (1 comments)

selling phoenix home: Phoenix Metro Maricopa County All City Market Report May 2014 - 06/06/14 09:21 AM
Phoenix Metro - Maricopa County All City Market Report May 2014
Most folks like to know what's going on in there neighborhoods. I sure do!  I keep track as to what's active, pending, sold etc. Of course that's part of my job but I'd probably do it anyway if I was thinking of selling my Phoenix - Moon Valley Home! Find your city below. If you have any questions about selling or buying a home, just let me know. Happy to answer your questions!
The Phoenix Real Estate Market is continuing to cruise through the selling season

selling phoenix home: Are you a Smart Home Seller or a Wanna be Smart Home seller? - 04/29/14 10:29 AM
Are you a Smart Home Seller or a Wanna be Smart Home seller?

A month or so ago clients were referred to me by a long time friend/associate. Every client that this friend/business associate has referred to me has been a wonderful experience and clients so I wasn't surprised to find this couple on the top step of the ladder!  Very Smart Home Sellers and then some....WOW!

The home sellers told me they had intended on meeting with several agents and had already met with one so far. Well, I knew I'd be their final choice (that's not a horn toot … (31 comments)

selling phoenix home: FAQ Should I submit an offer before my house is on the market? - 04/23/14 07:31 AM
FAQ Should I submit an offer before my house is on the market?
This past week I received a phone call from an agent whose clients have an interest in a home going on the market next week. They were in a hurry to see the home this week and wanted to set up a viewing time before it went on the market. I knew the sellers were not ready for any showings and that they needed at least another week to be 100% 'parade ready' and open for showings and offers.
Whoa.....not so fast! Hold your horses!

selling phoenix home: Phoenix Metro Market Report - Contract Ratio Over 3-Month Period - 04/08/14 07:44 AM
 Phoenix Metro Market Report - Contract Ratio Over 3-Month Period
The Contract Ratio chart below is a good indicator of the previous months progress, as well as insight to specific times that might have been more profitable than expected or less throughout the year.   Since this measurement is highly seasonal and can give different perspectives throughout the year, below is a representation of March, April, and May months for part of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and part of 2014.  As you may be able to distinguish in the information below, it is highly evident that there are different factors … (6 comments)

selling phoenix home: Phoenix Market Trends - Monthly Average Sales Price thru mid-May 2013 - 05/15/13 02:03 AM
Phoenix Market Trends - Monthly Average Sales Price thru mid-May 2013
There are a lot of common factors that come into play with regard to the monitoring the market trends of Real Estate in the Metro Phoenix area.  Especially with talk of Monthly Average Sales Price - sometimes it is broken down to the square-foot.,  In this case, the Monthly Average Sales Price represented in the chart below is the actual monthly average of the price that each home sold for in the Metro Phoenix area and divided by the number of homes sold.  This number is an actual reflection … (7 comments)

selling phoenix home: NO Showings Until After Contract Acceptance - 01/06/13 06:19 AM
 NO Showings Until After Contract Acceptance

This sounded a bit odd to me while I was searching for homes for a client.  Seriously, we should just go ahead an make an offer not knowing what kind of condition the home is in?  I don't think so. My buyer is very particular and no way would I put him in this position. He's not an investor-type kind of guy. He's a typical home buyer looking to buy his first home. He's not willing to take a risk on the unknown and quite frankly I think that is best for his type … (64 comments)

selling phoenix home: Updating my Kitchen - Is it a smart thing to do in Phoenix right now? - 06/14/12 12:02 PM
Updating my Kitchen - Is it a smart thing to do in Phoenix right now?

A Phoenix client of mine called today and asked if I had a few minutes to talk about a kitchen remodel and if that made sense for her.  She's lived in her home about 15 years and hasn't done anything to the kitchen since she closed escrow.  I knew what she had paid for the home and what it's market value would be  today.
What I didn't know was if she had re-financed, which might have caused her to be upside down on her … (17 comments)

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