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How to negotiate, especially in a tough situation? What is *tough* for you, anyway?  I always think back to this episode we had with one of our landlords.  We were renting an apartment, and while there was not much of a backyard, there was a big tree next to the house, that would cast wonderful s...
Why do you need to sign buyers agreement? If you are an agent, you know the answer, but if you are a consumer?  The very first thing an agent presents you with, is Agency Disclosure. This is NOT a contract, but reading and signing of this form is required by law. But, later on, do you, as a consu...
How to remove wallpaper, if you want to paint the walls/ I started touching on this subject, and seems this matter needs a separate post. There are several solutions. Depending on how many wallpaper layers you need to remove, as well as what kind of wall covering it was, and what type of glue was...
What color to paint rooms in your house, to sell it fast? I have a few suggestions. First off, it's always good to freshen up interior with a new coat of paint. Besides, there might be minor defects on the walls - say, you removed paintings or curtain rods, and there are nail holes to spackle, th...

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