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  What an elegant blog post by Chris Ann Cleland, and all points she makes are true in Massachusetts.  When we go to supermarket and see "this weeks' sale" ads, we tend to grab more than we need, But when it comes to housing market - we might wait it out too long, and the deal might be gone. Mort...
Join our Home Buyer's Seminar in just two weeks, 10/12/10 from  6 to 7 pm. With interest rates at record lows and home prices near bottom now is an excellent time to buy! RE/MAX HomeFinders is partnering with TD Bank for an information packed seminar covering all aspects of the home buying proces...
It's Fall, and here on East Coast it's time for us to take care of our lawns. It's well know, that the grass will be greener, if you winterize, lime, overseed your lawn some time after Labor day and before the snow sets in.  Also, we all know that curb appeal is very important for a house on the ...
How to answer calls on iPhone quickly - what a strange title, right? Please notice, how I added "Cold Weather" part. Fall is approaching, faster in some areas, slower in others, but cooler weather comes, and with it come GLOVES that interfere with iPhone operation.  When call comes in on your iPh...
Hello my dear friends aka Mac aficionados, here's a question I always wanted to ask.  What are your favorite MAc applications? Not necessarily something you use work work, but rather for AFTER (if there is such time for us!) What sparked my interest especially, was an email I received from macUpd...
Yesterday, I was at a RE/MAX & YOU convention in Westborough, MA. Lots of great information, presented by Regional Director Jay Hummer, Director of Regional Operations Fiona Beecy, Director of Marketing Christine Carlo. There was one piece of advice that especially caught my eye.                 ...
Do you have an Idea Book? Say you need to write down a thought, or a speck of info - like a new website you just found very interesting... When I see something interesting, I like to write down the source. When I someone is blogging about a book, that might be good for business (or personal devel...
Do you use microwave minutes? What the heck is that, you might ask. Well, these are minutes (or couple dozens of seconds more often ), when you are heating up something in your microwave, all the while standing idly next to it, and watching the turntable making its rounds.  I don't remember where...
What to do with kids on a rainy day? in Boston and area... Labor Day weekend spoiled us with great weather - sunny, warm, but not too hot, perfect for a barbeque in a backyard, or for a trip down the Cape... Yet - Fall is officially starting now, a season of beautifully colored trees and rain we...
How to fight stress, neck and back pain, and overall live happily ever after? That's pretty strong, isn't it? And you expect my first sentence to be somehting like: "another way advertizing misleads us".  Well, my friends, not at all, not at all.  I wanted to write about Alexander Technique. This...

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