hard money loans: Cash offers - Whose cash is it, anyway? - 05/06/11 11:38 AM
I saw a post today by J Philip Faranda discussing cash offers.  He said that buyers had to show proof of the cash in a bank account before anyone would accept their offer.  I disagree.
I'm not an attorney, don't play one on TV, and I'm not a licensed agent either.  I'm a real estate investor and hard money lender in MA and NH, so my perspective is probably different from that of most readers here on AR.
I just read through the Standard P&S contract used in Massachusetts issued by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board.  No where in it does it … (5 comments)

hard money loans: Which comes first, the deal or the funding? - 02/24/11 08:53 AM
I saw a post the other day from an investor who was told he had to get the contract (deal) before he could get funding. Another poster disagreed, and told him that wasn't true. In the interests of not hijacking the thread, I thought I would post some information that might be useful.
It is very desirable to line up funding for your deal before you sign and contract and put up your earnest money. If you are using conventional residential funding for that deal, it is easy, since pre-approvals are the norm in the conventional residential financing world. If you … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Lending to real estate investors - last in the series - 02/22/11 12:00 AM
Part 7 in a series of 7 posts
Ok, we're getting down to the last three questions here.
Should I form an entity to lend? It is not the same thing to lend as to borrow, so the considerations for lending aren't the same as for borrowing. Even though we can't lend to end homeowners, and lend to commercial entities only, we don't have to be a commercial entity to lend. The issue here is about liability protection. So once again, consult with your attorney about the liability incurred in lending, and the two of you should discuss together whether you … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Lending to real estate investors - more considerations to protect yourself - 02/17/11 11:31 PM
Part 6 of a series
I'm continuing a discussion of lending money to real estate investors. My company lends money exclusively to real estate investors in a specific geographic area. This allows us to be local to any property used to collateralize the loan, stay on top of legislative changes through our network of local attorneys and professionals, and to understand local trends, since all real estate is local.
How do you protect yourself from fraud or incompetence?  First of all, know who you are dealing with.  If you are lending directly to an investor, ASK AROUND!  It's amazing to me … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Lending your money to a real estate investor - how to choose - 02/14/11 03:27 AM
Part 5 of a series
First, let's define a real estate investor, for purposes of this series of posts.  Buying real estate to hold for income, or buying real estate to resell - both of these are called real estate investors.  Also, wholesalers, who get properties under contract and then assign the contract.  We're not going to get into the debate about whether these people qualify to be called "investors", I'm simply defining the word for my purposes.  For my purposes, a financial investor or lender is the person putting up the money.  So I'm differentiating between a real estate investor, … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Lending is hands-off real estate investing - 02/11/11 12:10 AM
Part 4 in a series
Lending money to real estate investors can be a lucrative way to participate in a project without running the project yourself.  It can lessen your risk, because of where you stand in the line of people waiting to get paid.
First, lets make it clear we are talking about real estate investment deals here - not a homeowner purchasing a home to live in.  The real estate investor will probably sell to an end buyer, but a lot happens before that.
Irving Investor is going to buy a property in disrepair, using some of his own … (0 comments)

hard money loans: Lending, borrowing or buying? Which is for you? - 02/04/11 06:53 AM
Part 1 in a series
I come into frequent contact with people wanting to make the jump into real estate investing, but not knowing where to start.  I'm on the Board of several Real Estate Investor Associations, and co-founded one of them, so my network includes many new investors. 
Sometimes they ask where they can find deals.  (That's the mother lode, by the way.  It's sort of like asking Coca-Cola for their formula.)  Finding deals- really good deals, I mean - is the skill that investors need to cultivate.  Great deals are found off and on market.  They are frequently found … (1 comments)

hard money loans: Hard money lenders are a bunch of sharks! - 01/05/11 02:26 AM
Hard Money Myth #1:
Hard lenders are a bunch of disreputable loan sharks trying to prey on the unwary.

The reality:
Most hard money lenders are simply business people - not predatory lenders.  Most principals in hard money lending organizations are successful businessmen or women with backgrounds in law, accounting, banking, real estate development or real estate investment.  They provide a needed service. 
Many are lending their own money along side money entrusted to them by friends, relatives and close associates.  Making loans is their business, and a bad reputation is counter productive to that effort.  Referrals are the life blood … (7 comments)

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