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Yes, it's cold outside and we want to stay warm inside, but let's take care of how we do it!  The National Fire Protection Agency cites heating equipment as the leading cause of house fires during the winter months.  Creosote build-up in chimneys cause the highest number of such fires.  If your h...
Feeling house bound as we ride out the last few weeks of Winter?  What better way to spend your time indoors than to take care of those little maintenance items before they become big ones.  Here are a few inexpensive ideas that can save a much greater expense later on: - Clean and seal grout on ...
Is it feeling drafty inside?  Are your energy bills higher than they should be?  Air leakage to or from the outdoors can affect both indoor comfort level and energy costs.  The most notable sources of leakage exist around entry doors and windows.  Other less noticable, but equally troubling culpr...
In this time of tight money and even tighter restrictions on mortgage lending, FHA loans are a great alternative to conventional mortgages.  Although downpayment assistance is no longer allowed, a borrower need only contribute 3.5% of the sales price as downpayment.  The loans are insured by the ...
With the overabundance of homes on the market today, along with declining prices and record low interest rates, many of us are wondering if this is the right time to acquire a rental property.  The timing is certainly right, but be sure to select the right property. To be income producing, a rent...
The sobering state of the real estate market has consumers taking a pragmatic look at their housing needs.  In a reversal of past trends toward size and luxury, many of today's buyers picture their future homes as smaller in size and more practically designed than what they now own. Requirements ...
In these challenging economic times, many of us are cutting back on non-essential purchases such as entertainment, restaurant meals and vacations.  Paying off credit card debt and beefing up the savings accounts are are common goals.  But have you thought about reclaiming even more of your money?...

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