landscaping: Winter Outdoor Living Spaces - 12/07/10 02:32 AM
Yes, it's cold outside!  For most of us, this season is the time to enhance indoor living spaces.  However, there are ways to continue enjoyment of the outdoors, too. It can be done by creating well-lit spaces that will provide cozy gathering spots year round.
First, look at the basics.  A well built patio that's built to last is the best starting point.  Standard concrete, even with a textured finish, can crack and weather.  Paver patios offer more character and durability and they come in an array of colors, shapes and textures to blend with an existing landscape.  At half the cost and twice the strength of … (0 comments)

landscaping: A Solution for the Leaf Assault - 11/13/10 02:39 AM
If only Autumn's gorgeous colors could last forever!  Sadly, our seasonal eye candy is slowly disappearing, which means work for us to keep the landscaping well groomed.  However, there are ways to put nature's gift to work for a little while longer.  There are much better things you can do with autumn leaves than bag them, even if you're not an avid gardener.
Just running over them with a lawn mower a few times might shred them enough so that they filter down into the lawn, to the lawn's benefit.
If leaves are so abundant that they would smother the lawn, … (1 comments)

landscaping: Reinvent Your Green Space - and Eat It, Too! - 05/11/10 12:14 PM
The trends in landscaping and gardening this summer are all toward a more relaxed environment.  The rewards of growing your own - basil, berries or flowers - are boundless.  People are looking increasingly to their plots of green, little or large, to recharge, and reap the benefits both aesthetic and, often, edible.
Some of what's in:
Lawns soak up water and cash, and stress the environment by requiring pesticides, say today's green gardeners. Motorized lawn-maintenance equipment also adds to air and noise pollution.
Giving up that expanse of grass may be difficult, but there are attractive, easy-care alternatives. … (0 comments)

landscaping: Beautify Your Drive Home - 04/13/10 10:50 AM
An outdoor project that is often overlooked is right under your toes.  Walkways and driveways play the crucial role of connecting, whether it's from the street to your front door or from your home to its outdoor spaces. The more interesting you make the journey, the more value you add to your home.
Designing value-boosting pathways and driveways is about knowing where you want viewers to look as they approach their destination (whether by foot or by vehicle) and what features of the home you want to emphasize.
•·Elaborate paving. Asphalt may be the most common material, but more … (1 comments)

landscaping: What Your Landscape Needs Most - 04/11/10 04:59 AM
You have invested so much time and money into your landscape enhancement.  Don't forget one important factor that protect your investment and help provide years of enjoyment.
Great landscaping isn't worth much unless it's maintained. And what keeps your outdoor areas green and healthy? Water, of course. If you don't have the time to do it yourself or money to hire someone else to do it, an irrigation system is ideal.
Irrigation isn't the only way to incorporate water in your landscaping. Water features like a fountain or koi pond add beauty and a sense of serenity while increasing your home's … (2 comments)

landscaping: Light Up Your Life! - 04/08/10 04:35 AM
Outdoor lighting is like jewelry for your home's exterior. Decorative lights along walkways, area lighting for outdoor spaces and flood lights over entrance areas and at corners of the house are all appealing ways to incorporate lighting into your landscaping. And with inexpensive options available, lights are an affordable way to add style to your home and provide safety and security at night.
• Energy efficiency. New technologies in LED and solar-powered landscape lighting have become increasingly popular for their affordability, convenient installation and ease of maintenance. Low voltage lighting kits continue to be a solid choice for homeowners.

landscaping: Enhance Your Landscaping with the Right Plants - 04/05/10 09:54 AM
There is nothing more beautiful than when the flowers, trees and shrubs come alive with color in the Spring.  Adding attractive flowers and plants to your front yard is an easy way to add value to your home. But don't just pick up the prettiest flowers you see and start planting.
Effective landscaping should give your home a polished, pulled-together look. Whether you hire a professional or do your own research, come up with a cohesive landscaping plan and properly place plants and trees that achieve your vision.
•·Plants with purpose. Choose perennials strategically so that as one fades, … (1 comments)

landscaping: A Little TLC for the Outside Goes a Long Way! - 04/20/09 11:02 AM
April showers might be keeping us inside, but it won't be for long.  The weather is getting warmer and before long, we will be breaking down our doors to enjoy this wonderful time of year!
 As you start spending more time outdoors this spring, no doubt your home's flaws will become much more visible. Get your home in shape now.1. SidingThe siding that is best suited for your home depends on many factors: which style best complements your home, how much maintenance you're willing to do, and the climate.
Vinyl: Holds up well over time, and can retain its qualities for … (0 comments)

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