mortgage loans: Buyers - Know Your Credit Score - 02/15/12 01:14 AM
As so many prospective home buyers are learning, the market remains favorable for finding that dream home.  Inventory is abundant, sellers are willing to negotiate and interest rates are low.  Being considered loan worthy, however, is not as easy as it was once upon a time.  Besides a stable employment history, lenders are relying a great deal on credit score, and knowing in advance what your three-digit score is, can greatly improve your chances of being approved for a loan.
The first step is to become familiar with how credit scores work and what factors influence your credit score. provides this information.  … (2 comments)

mortgage loans: Mortgage Picture Makes Now the Time to Buy - 06/06/11 02:29 AM
With uncertainty still lingering in the current economy, many potential home buyers are sitting on the fence. Inventory and selection are good, home prices remain flat and sellers are more motivated to work with buyers on price. Interest rates are great, but may inch up later this year. This factor may create some urgency to buy now.
New and pending regulations in response to the mortgage crisis mean new loans and refinancing will be more complicated, more time consuming and more costly. We are seeing higher fees, higher mortgage insurance premiums and bigger down payments. Some real estate analysts see movement … (1 comments)

mortgage loans: Is It Time to Refinance? - 12/13/10 05:00 AM
For the past few years, we have experienced a tumultuous housing market.  One bright spot, however, is a decline in mortgage interest rates.  Even if you are not in the market for a new home, you can still take advantage of low rates by refinancing your current loan.
With rates hovering in the "low 4's", if your bank or mortgage lender hasn't called you to tell you to check into refinancing, you may want to give them a call. Swapping your old mortgage for a new one can result in big savings, totaling thousands of dollars over the life of the … (2 comments)

mortgage loans: Employment History Can Affect Mortgage Status - 11/08/10 04:35 AM
Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that the past few years have been marked by a great deal of turbulence in the real estate industry.  Loose lending policies that precipitated a wave of foreclosures have been reversed.  Lenders now closely scrutinize every application for mortgage loans.  Here are some items that they consider.
One of the factors that underwriters will consider on a loan application is "stability of income".  The stability of income risk factor is one where the underwriter will attempt to measure how likely it is that your income may continue based on what … (1 comments)

mortgage loans: Low Interest Rates Mean Big Savings - 09/02/10 02:09 AM
Mortgage interest rates continue to remain low.   It's a great time to purchase a new home, and it's a great time to refinance your current loan, too.  These rates won't stay low forever, so now is the time to compare the rate you're paying to the current lowest market rate and see if you can save money by refinancing.  It will take just a few minutes to see if refinancing makes sense.People refinance for a variety of reasons including:
Reducing interest costs by refinancing at a lower rate. Lowering monthly mortgage payments Extending repayment time. Wanting to pay off other high … (1 comments)

mortgage loans: FHA Loans are Your Friend! - 02/11/09 09:18 AM
In this time of tight money and even tighter restrictions on mortgage lending, FHA loans are a great alternative to conventional mortgages.  Although downpayment assistance is no longer allowed, a borrower need only contribute 3.5% of the sales price as downpayment.  The loans are insured by the federal government and rates are affordable.  Even if you have a less than perfect credit score, or perhaps, have experienced a bankrupcy, an FHA loan may pave the way to home ownership.  FHA loans allow up to 6% of the closing costs to be paid by the Seller--and in a market like this, Sellers who are able to, certainly … (0 comments)

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