annmarie maronek: Now is the Time to Consider Refinancing Your San Jose Mortgage - 11/11/10 05:50 AM
According to the Associated Press, the housing market is still struggling, recording its "worst summer in more than a decade."  But the silver lining to this statistic is that because of low rates, more homeowners are choosing to refinance their home this fall.  While no one is sure how long rates will remain low, the time to review your financial goals is now, while the market remains in consumers' favor. 
Lock in a Low Mortgage Rate
Most likely, you are in a situation where your rate and monthly payment can be reduced, and you can use that cash to accomplish other … (0 comments)

annmarie maronek: San Jose Mortgage Rates Match Lowest Level in Decades - 10/05/10 08:55 AM
It's nice to hear some good news in this jobless recovery. Rates on 30-year mortgages matched the lowest level in decades and rates on 15-year loans dropped to their lowest point in nearly 20 years.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said the average rate for 30-year fixed loans fell to 4.32 percent, the lowest on record since 1971.
The economy is still in a tough spot, that's nothing new. Low rates have failed to boost a struggling housing market, which had its worst summer in more than a decade. Fall sales are not expected to … (0 comments)

annmarie maronek: While Foreclosed Home Sales Trickle, Refinance With San Jose Loans - 09/17/10 06:50 AM
Home sales are down because of the bad economy, that's no secret. But considering the number of foreclosures in recent months, you'd think there'd be a large number of foreclosed properties available on the market. Not so.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, thousands of homes in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties remain stuck in the foreclosure process as lenders continue to offer relatively few foreclosed homes for sale.
In a report prepared by ForeclosureRadar, a Discovery Bay real estate research company, the August report suggests that the banks are either swamped or they're controlling foreclosure sales to avoid … (0 comments)

annmarie maronek: San Jose Mortgage Rates Hit Record Lows - 09/07/10 08:03 AM
Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Really, rates haven't been this low since the very first McDonalds restaurant opened in 1955!
The average rate for a 30-year fixed loan was 4.32 percent this week, down from 4.36 percent last week, mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday. That's the lowest since Freddie Mac began tracking rates in 1971. In fact, San Jose mortgage rates are so low they could be confused with John Cusack's career!
The low rates have fueled a wave of refinancing by borrowers. According to San Jose Mercury News, refinancing is at its highest level since May 2009 and … (0 comments)

annmarie maronek: Home Prices Got You Down? Cheer Up With San Jose Home Loans - 08/30/10 09:30 AM
Silicon Valley, like the rest of the country, has experienced a bad slowdown in the real estate market.  Home sales dipped 27.5 percent year over year last month. For the Bay Area as a whole, the number of transactions in July was at the lowest point in 15 years.
The recession has put mortgage rates at historic lows.  Really, these are the lowest rates have been since 1955. This is not going to last forever. Soon rates will jump back up and they'll probably stay there.
You have a few choices. You can let the current economic slowdown dampen your mood … (0 comments)

annmarie maronek: San Jose Home Mortgage Climate Looks Good as Home Prices Rise - 08/23/10 04:19 AM
Housing prices in the San Jose and San Francisco areas rose this spring as buyers took advantage of tax incentives. The overall price gains highlight the impact of the federal tax credits for homebuyers. However, this boost may be short-lived now that the incentives have expired.
Tax credits were a large part of the boost to the national housing market, as sales faded shortly after the tax credits expired at the end of April. The numbers are likely to drop in the next report.
"Other housing data confirm the large impact, and likely near-future pullback, of the federal program," said Standard … (0 comments)

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