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Seacoast Mortgage: Your place for:RI loans, MA loans, CT loans, FL loans, commercial loans, residential loans, FHA, VA, USDA, 100% financing, FSBO (for sale by owner) assistance. Find a loan in RI, find a loan in MA, find a loan in CT,RI mortgages,CT mortgages,FL mortgages,MA mortgages. Do you qualify for a loan? At Seacoast Mortgage, we qualify you within your means. What you can afford is different than what you qualify for. Call us today!
"BACK TO WORK PROGRAM" IS AVAILABLE NOW! This program reduces the "waiting period" after a bankruptcy or short sale or foreclosure to ONE YEAR.   In order to qualify, you must meet several minimum eligibility standards. The first is that you must have experienced an "economic event" (e.g.; pre-fo...
Life is NOT over.  There are alternatives!    This past Friday was the deadline to issue an FHA case number to avoid the forever mortgage insurance on down payments less than 10% down.  Effective on June 3, if a buyer places less than 10% down using FHA financing, the mortgage insurance will rema...
In this challenging appraisal market, the goal is to keep the seller concession to a minimum so as to prevent the need for a higher appraised value.  In order to accomplish this task, a lender credit is the answer!   Not all lenders provide a credit.  It is best to shop around and ask which lende...
Thankfully, I googled this company’s name and saw a zillion complaints against them warning everyone “NOT TO PROVIDE A CREDIT CARD; DO NOT do business with this company: RUN!; THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST”. AND this company was trying to hide behind a new name!  I found this out by asking them how I...
Can a bank who owns a property through foreclosure nullify a purchase & sales agreement?  My client/investor has a fully executed Purchase and Sales Agreement: fully signed by the bank.  A non-profit organization who is involved in rehabbing homes using taxpayer money claims they have “first look...
This site is growing in popularity here in the North East.  I am curious what everyone thinks of this site and their experiences in closing transactions with the properties listed on the site,  Also, what other auction websites are you using? All comments, as always, very much appreciated!      
Short refinances should be the norm.  They keep the homeowner in their home AND they reduce losses for the lender AND they improve the economy since home ownership stimulates economic growth. A short refinance keeps the homeowner in their home, thus reducing the supply of homes on the market .  S...
A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.: Author unknown Yes! The real estate market has a lot of bends for us to go through, but the road continues with those of us who do not quit! Let's keep turning down the road and help every seller and buyer we can! 
Baseball season has begun and the talk has begun as well about the drinking at stadiums across the country.  Not only is the discussion on excessive drinking, but it is also focused on the types of drinks being sold dependent upon where you sit. At Fenway, the bleacher seats are $28.  Here they s...
This new mortgage will affect every American looking to mortgage a home. And the impact will be felt by all of us. Regulators are deciding the future of down payments. For those who have minimal down payments, FHA will become the norm.  The new mortgage: QRM: Qualified Residential Mortgage has ye...

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