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Do you receive calls from 877-507-2031? OR from other numbers that do not leave messages and they incessantly call?  Go to the website:     Type in the number that is annoying you and find out who it is and that's your first step to stopping them! The next step is to go through...
A potential virus!   I checked Snopes and it is for real !! Get this message sent around to your contacts ASAP PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING AMONG FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS! You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK,...
The disappearance of the NO DOC loan is going to be difficult for those homeowners who are worthy of the NO DOC, unless a new loan type is created known as the "NO IMCOME BUT WEALTH" loan.   This loan would be for those individuals with GREAT credit, GREAT assets, significant down payment, but sh...
So many loan officers forget about the "housing" check for 3 or 4 family FHA purchases.  Desktop underwriting does NOT check for this, so it is a manual check.  I have heard about loans failing at other companies because of this and it is a simple check that can be done by the agent or the mortga...
YES!  I took an application on a Tuesday and closed it at 5 PM Friday night!  As long as a complete application is taken and any verifications (i.e. employment or rental) are conducted quickly and the file is internally underwritten via the FNMA or Freddie or FHA engines, and the appraisal is com...
Some more good news (hopefully!); please read below:   NEW YORK ( -- One of the country's top banking regulators said Thursday that the government is working on a plan to do more to help troubled homeowners. Sheila Bair, chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., told the Sen...
Yesterday, Monday, I received a call from an agent I have known for years.  As soon as he said "Hi", I knew something was wrong.  He informed me the local teenager who had been missing since Friday night had now been found dead 100 yards from the last place she was seen.  She had left a party alo...
An agent I do business with sent out a referral on Active Rain and received many emails requesting the lead, but the most interesting one received was from an agent on Active Rain with NO picture and NO points.   Now, would you ever give a lead to someone who doesn't take the time to properly bec...
Did you know you can STREAMLINE an FHA loan?     Streamlining is simply refinancing the existing mortgage REGARDLESS of the value of the home!  So, if you have an FHA loan and you are "upside down"; FHA DOES NOT CARE!  Simply contact an FHA lender (like me!) and streamline down to a lower rate.  ...
Home inspectors:  Better to go with a national company OR a local inspector?   My experience has been a national company has bigger pockets in case the buyer has issues after they purchase.  I like the local providers, since they have the contacts for repairs.   What are your thoughts?     Ann Sa...

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