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Four 30 day lates and they received a mortgage?  ABSOLUTELY!  This is a classic example that if you do your homework and do the following, you can accomplish a loan that is a "common sense loan". •1)       Do you believe in the loan and the borrower? •2)       Are there compensating factors? •3) ...
FNMA has extended the moratorium on foreclosures for those homeowners who are 90 days delinquent on their mortgage to January 31.  FNMA estimates about 6000 homeowners are facing foreclosure between now and then.   Will this moratorium work?  Not if the current lenders are unwilling to loan modif...
Foreclosures up 80% in 2008.  Many are predicting 2009 will be worse due to another batch of poor loans will go into default: the option arms.  Option arms are loans that allow for negative amortization for a certain number of years.   Once this number of years is up, the payments significantly i...
  Have an FHA loan?  Streamline refinances are the best way to lower a rate!  Find a lender who will refinance you at NO cost.  This includes NOT adding to the loan amount and NOT charging anything at the table.  If the borrower does not need cash out, an appraisal is not even needed! So, even i...
What a loaded question!  Should you?  Of course!  No one can predict the low.  No one can predict the low of ANY market.   The best time to lock in a rate is when it is advantageous to do so.  You can always lock in a lower rate again, if the rate becomes advantageous again! I remember the last r...
"SHORT REFI": A great alternative to a foreclosure or a short sale!   What is it? How do you become approved? What lender allows them? A short refinance is when your current lender forgives/"cuts" a portion of your mortgage debt.  In other words, they write-off a portion of the debt. To get start...

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