buying: Home Market Time At Lowest Point In 7 Years In The O.C. - 05/01/12 03:45 AM
It's been fascinating to watch the ups and downs of the slow recovery of our real estate market in Orange County and, as I stated numerous times last year, we're not there yet and we still have a ways to go.
Good news does keep trickling in, however, and the latest report by Jon Lansner in the Orange County Register shows demand for homes in the O.C. at its highest point in 7 years!  Current records show that on the average homes in Orange County are taking 4 fewer days to sell.  As of the end of April, Steve Thomas of says … (0 comments)

buying: "Supply and Demand" or "Greed and Need"? - 09/21/11 01:50 AM
There was an article at the end of July in the Orange County Register that I'm revisiting because it's the completion of a circular chain reaction that is important to understand whether you're currently a Beach Areas home buyer, a home seller or are a home owner wanting to keep up with the market climate.
The article is titled "Apartment Rents To Rise For Many Years" and features an interview with the CEO of Steadfast Cos. in Irvine.  The article approaches the subject of rising rents in the face of only modest employment growth.  In response to the question of what … (1 comments)

buying: FMAC, FNMA, QRM...OMG! - 07/24/11 09:32 AM
In my recent newsletter, I wrote about the proposed shoring up of FMAC and FNMA (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) by politicians in Washington. These are basicaly the two agencies that insure home loans. This “shoring up” process will start this coming September 30thwith a measure that will result in borrowers being required to pay increased interest rates for loans over $625k.
The issue that's getting the most attention in the news, though, is the Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) proposal that will require a 20% minimum down payment on ALL real estate purchases. Of course, there will be exceptions, but they're … (3 comments)

buying: Mortgages At Lowest Point - Be Prepared - 06/03/11 04:31 AM
According to Freddie Mac, fixed-rate mortgages are at their lowest point of the year.  For the fifth consecutive week, mortgage rates declined with borrowers paying approximately 0.7% of the loan amount up front (lender fees) to get these rates: 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage:  3.80% 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage:  4.61% Keeping in mind that this comes in the midst of mixed data economy-wise and housing-wise, the important thing to remember is the old Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared" if you're on the market to buy.  The rates are certainly great, but they don't mean anything if you haven't done your homework … (2 comments)

buying: Coloring Your World - 04/21/11 01:43 AM
As a Realtor, I consistently recommend neutral paint tones to sellers for their homes.  Because we all have preferences, some way more colorful than others, they can become a roadblock in the process of selling your home. It's the difference between "Hey, I could see us/myself living here" and "Well, if we/I move in here that paint color's gotta go."  It's the same potential work, but it feels different to a buyer in a positive versus a negative light. That being said, if you're looking to make your home more colorful to your personal taste, I have a great website for … (1 comments)

buying: How Is Your Mental Accounting? - 04/18/11 01:38 AM
The foreclosure situation of the past few years has some people taking inventory of how they're handling their finances like never before.  Have you thought about how you spend your money?  Have you thought about how you spend some money as opposed to how you spend othermoney? I saw a great article by Tara-Nicholle Nelson that makes some great points about how we spend our money and how that has contributed greatly to today's economy.  A mindset was created where people thought they had money when they didn't...and borrowed against it. It's what Nelson calls "mental accounting," which is how we each intuitively look … (3 comments)

buying: Keeping The Real Estate Process Simple - 03/11/11 03:55 AM

In the wake of what has happened in real estate the past few years, not only in the beach areas of California but nationwide, more of you who are selling your home and/or looking to buy a home are asking questions. And rightfully so. While there is a lot involved in what I call The Process, it doesn't have to be overwhelming.  There is rhyme and reason to everything and I've simplified it into 4 parts: 1.  Finding a lender 2.  Negotiating with the seller 3.  Opening escrow 4.  Handling "conditions" Each part has its own steps, which is where … (2 comments)

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