greenvillerealestate: Credit is what? - 11/10/09 12:14 AM
Obama signed into legislation the tax credit extending through first of year and now including 'move-up' buyers.  What will this mean for our business?  Traditionally in our area this is when we start to see a slow down with things starting to ramp up around February.  What will this credit due to the holiday season?  Will the buyers who now want to take advantage of the $6,500 credit begin to list their homes to flood the inventory?  Will the buyer's be there for the lower priced homes or have they already purchased to take advantage of the earlier tax credit?  Time … (4 comments)

greenvillerealestate: Should the tax credit be extended? - 10/31/09 10:17 PM
Should the credit be extended?  What a loaded question.  Business has been booming in our area, namely because of this tax credit.  But are we 'stealing' buyers from the future to boom our business now?   And is extending this credit only going to extend our 'paying of the piper?'  I guess we won't know until the credit timeline has passed and we are looking at this a year from now.  My hopes are that the economy continues to improve along with my business.

greenvillerealestate: The Beginning - 01/25/09 04:13 AM
I have been in the blogging world for sometime with my personal blog, and have been toying around with creating a blog regarding real estate for sometime.  With the beginning of the new year I have decided to start a blogging for my business.  I know people are thirsting for more knowledge of our market, our area, and our industry.  It is my job as YOUR Realtor to make sure you are an informed consumer.  So sit back and enjoy the reading and I promise to do my best to make this an enjoyable and informative read! 


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