mckinney realtor: The 10 Commandments For Buyers Between Now and Closing - 01/26/18 02:26 PM
Imagine this:  
You have a well qualified buyer.  The loan process (and entire transaction) seems to be going so smooth. These buyers have all of their financial ducks in a row, have worked hard over the years to maintain great credit, they have all their information together, and provide any necessary documention right away. Wow-dream buyers!  
You meet with them as closing approaches and they pull up in their brand new car!
What went wrong here?  Unfortunately, this happens all too often:  The buyers simply were not informed:  NOOOO!
It's important to remember and inform the buyers that the lender will recheck their credit … (4 comments)

mckinney realtor: REALTORS® Are Never Too Busy to Tell You How Busy They Are - 01/25/18 06:45 AM
When someone asks you how business is going, what do you say?
"I'm SO busy!"?  Careful.  
This automated response may create the perception that you are so busy you couldn't possibly want,  need, or be able to handle more business.  You must have your hands completely full and can't possibly take on a single other client right now.  Right?  Usually this is not accurate.
Most real estate agents do stay very busy.  Successful agents admit that by 'busy,' this means they are working a solid day including tasks such as marketing themselves, promoting current listings for sale, fielding new leads, nurturing old leads, email follow-up, social … (3 comments)

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