google maps: Google Maps Directions... New York to London - 04/12/07 02:26 PM
Have you ever used GoogleMaps for directions? 
I use Google Maps all the time, and find it to be pretty good, but not quite as good as Mapquest's "Route Builder"
ONE thing GoogleMaps will do, however, that mapquest will not do, is provide really good overseas directions... 
For example.... TRY THIS! 
1.  Go to  Click on "get directions" (under the search box)3. In the "From" box, type "New York, NY"4. In the "To" box, type "London, UK"5. Read down to direction #23.6. Make sure to pack your flippers!!

Better than GPS navigation!
Not bad, right??? Try a few other examples and see what you … (2 comments)


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