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Santa Rosa Home Loan Mortgage Consultant with 20 years experience in FHA, VA, Conforming, Jumbo and creative lending looking to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with anyone who is interested real estate and Sonoma County.
Santa Rosa CA Real Estate Agent on Activerain - Craig Bassignani Craig Bassignani is a Real Estate Agent in Santa Rosa, Ca who has mastered the art of SEO for the Sonoma County Real Estate Market. What amazes me about Craig is that he taught himself how to write html and how to build his web pres...
This concept has been around for some time and it's worth re-exploring now that the dust has settled. Christopher has put together a very nice post that I could never come close to, so, with the beauty of reblogging, I'm sharing this with my local agents in Sonoma County. Enjoy! I actually parti...
FHA Home Loans, Santa Rosa, CA - New FHA Loan Limits and Proposals for 2010 I'm not a big fan of posting technical or industry news about lending because I think it's a dry subject, but I ran across this information today on FHA's Proposals and Loan Limits for 2010 and thought it would be good to...
Sonoma County Real Estate - The Professor from Healdsburg is in the House! Dave Roberts is an avid local Activerainer and Realtor with Sotheby's International Realty in Healdsburg, California. If you've ever seen his pictures of the area, you'll swear he lives in a piece of heaven within the hea...
I made it on Patricia Kennedy's GOOD list! Patricia Kennedy is a Real Estate Agent at Evers and Company Realtors in Washington DC. She spends a fair amount of time posting a nice summary of all the unfeatured blogs she's read during the week and thinks are worth reading. I've been a follower ever...
  Here's how we can support our local economy - Sonoma County Wine Country Lifestyle, Santa Rosa, CA My fellow Activerainer, Mike Caruso, posted a really interesting idea to save the our local economy. I thought it was brilliant and wanted to pass it on to my Sonoma County Wine Country Lifestyle ...
Speechless Sunday - Rainbow over Santa Rosa, California - Sonoma County Wine Country Lifestyle My wife caught this rainbow as we were driving north on 101 to Healdsburg. The sky was half sunny and half cloudy. There's something special about rainbows that don't need words so I thought I would sha...
Sonoma County Wine Country, California - Cycling through the Fall Colors Cycling in Sonoma County is one of the best ways to experience the Wine Country's beautiful countryside. I love going for a nice 25 bike ride in the morning. If I'm really into it, I'll lose myself on a 50 miler through Sant...
Happy Thanksgiving from Sonoma County Wine Country! I know it's suppose to be a Wordless Wednesday, but I want to take a moment to thank everyone here on AR for all of your support. I've learned so much from many of you and am greatful for all of the connections I've made in such a short period o...
I really like Jim Cheney's comments on buydowns. It's nice to read a Realtor's perspetive about how to use this program. I couldn't have done any better with this post and want to pass it on to my agents. Thanks Jim!I have a client now, and have had clients in the past, who want to know whether o...

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