real estate: Short Sales - Pro's and Con's - 02/17/09 06:42 AM
In recent months I have experienced a wide range of response from sellers regarding "short sales".  One end of the spectrum does not know what a short sale is while the other end knows a great deal about the process yet does not fully understand the process and what happens behind the scenes of a short sale.  Today, I would like to discuss some of the key factors to be aware of during the short sale process. 
What is a "Short Sale"?
A short sale occurs when the seller of a home owes more on the home than the current market … (0 comments)

real estate: Why Sell For Sale By Owner? - 01/26/09 07:41 AM
As a Realtor I will admit that I am biased and feel that most people need the assistance of a Realtor when selling their home.  However, I also strongly feel that there are many people who are perfectly capable of selling their home on their own without the assistance of a Realtor so please do not view this article as "preachy".

Recently I read "Why Sell For Sale By Owner" at and have to admit that I received a good chuckle.  The web site answered this frequently asked question listing the following 7 reasons.  I have listed my responses … (3 comments)

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