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  Not Really sure what I can add here.  I feel lucky to have witnessed this event.  I was the only one left in the park at this point.  I'm glad I stayed.  It was windy all day but it died down just in time for me to enjoy the show without being shoved around by the atmosphere.  Of course I was ...
  I am not a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz.  I prefer to watch it with Pink Floyd doing the soundtrack.  (This works by the way.)  Anyway, not more than 90 minutes from Los Feliz lies the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.  I came a little late in the season but was still able to find some large clus...
  Lots of fun hikes in these mountains.  This mountain chain sits in between the 101 and PCH and has been mostly untouched over the years.  With no traffic you can make it here from LA in about 45 minutes.  A little touch of wilderness next to the big city.  Here is the official website: http://...
  I stopped to eat here on my way back from Anacapa Island.  This place is great.  I got my usual, Fish n' Chips.  Can't be beat.  This place is sitting almost all by itself right along the PCH in between Oxnard and Malibu.  I sat with my tasty fish and chips and gazed out at the ocean feeling g...
  I just want to reiterate that these cliffs are serious.  I hope you like to climb stairs.  This is the easiest way up I am sure.  I mean, I'm no Chumash, but jeez, under no circumstances would I try to climb up to the top of this chunk of rock in the middle of the water.  If it weren't for the...
  One of the most challenging parts of my Channel Islands trip was getting on and off the boat.  I am a "prepare for the worst" type who decided to bring about 65 pounds of extra gear in my pack.  I had extra everything-food, water, clothes and various survival paraphernalia. You see, the cliffs...
  The small blobs you can see down on the rocks are actually Sea Lions.  This is as close as I could get.  I have included this picture to give you an idea of just how steep and high these cliffs are.  There are no water sources on the island so it was never a permanent home to the Chumash India...
  Anacapa Island is full of blooming wildflowers this time of year.  Seeing them is definitely worth the price of admission.  You can walk from one end of the island to the other in about 20 or 30 minutes.  We went on a guided tour, which stretched the walk out to about an hour.  The island is f...
  Being on Anacapa Island during this time of year reminds me of that Hitchcock classic, "The Birds," which I realize is not the most ringing endorsement of the place.   The Western Gulls come here to breed and nest.  This was early in the season but they were already setting up shop all over th...
  I can't believe I got this shot too.  These birds come right in along the edge of the cliffs almost at arms length.  They are a magnificent sight.  These are Brown Pelicans by the way.  They come to Anacapa Island to breed and nest.  I would like to have gotten a picture of one of these animal...

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