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Alan Pinstein is Co-Founder & CTO of TourBuzz, a software company that makes a virtual tour platform for professional real estate photographers. He is also founder of Showcase IDX, a software company specializing in a Wordpress IDX plugin designed to be beautiful and convert leads. Alan shares his views and experiences about online real estate marketing on this blog.



We are working on a new website to help agent better market their listings, It's not live yet, but we have submitted our business plan to a statewide competition in Georgia. The winner gets $300,000 in cash and services to help the idea along.There's a 1-minute video pitch online that...
I came across an amazing presentation put together by the California Association of Realtors called Realtor 2.0: The Next Big Thing. The report, published in October 2007, details the changing nature of today's real estate customer -- more connected and more self-sufficient. Understanding the fin...
Ok, this question is going out to agents, home buyers, and home sellers...When you open a virtual tour and the cheezy music starts playing, do you:Think it adds "panache" to the listing and makes you feel better about it ORImmediately reach for the mute buttonWe got a lot of requests to add backg...
Just a quick blog post to share some notable real estate photography resources I've come across recently. Blogs, tips, and tricks: Photography for Real Estate Blog - Great blog about RE photography and tools, and an awesome Flickr pool & group to get constructive criticism on your technique HDR B...

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