photography: Updates: More AutoPano Pro Screencast Tutorials and a new PTGui! - 09/08/08 01:58 AM
We've been recommending that people use one of two panorama stitchers for some time now, PTGui and AutoPano Pro. 
AutoPano Pro works great if you shoot with a very wide-angle or fisheye lens, but if you're shooting with a 10-shot or 12-shot rotator head, sometimes AutoPano (or for that matter, most stitchers) have trouble stitching some images. This is really common if you're shooting a scene with large sections of solid-color wall or have the camera too close to the wall. With AutoPano when this happens, it can be really tough to fix these issues. We set out to find a … (0 comments)

photography: Autopano Pro Stitching Tutorial - 05/26/08 01:46 PM
Just wanted to share this great article & review I found on Autopano Pro, which is a promising stitching tool. 
Autopano Pro runs on Mac, PC, and Linux and has some pretty neat features:
Automatically detect one or more panorama scenes from a folder full of images. Ability to stitch any overlapping images, not just ones done perfectly from a tripod. Great leveling and perspective correction features. Some HDR / bracketing support. Enjoy! Alan

photography: A Picture is Worth Thousands of Dollars - 05/04/08 06:13 AM
I ran across an article filled with great stats on how pictures affect the sale of a listing.
Quick Summary:
Listings with more pictures generate more leadsMore pictures = quicker sale (1 photo = 70 DOM, 20 photos = 32 DOM) More pictures = higher list-to-sale price (1 photo = 91.2%, 6+ photos = 95%)For the full article, see The Successful Combination of Photography and Real Estate.
The statistics didn't even attempt to deal with photographic quality, but I would think that the numbers would be even better if they tried to take photo quality into account. 

photography: Virtual Tour Background Music: Cheezy or Cheez-a-licous? - 04/12/08 10:39 AM
Ok, this question is going out to agents, home buyers, and home sellers...
When you open a virtual tour and the cheezy music starts playing, do you:
Think it adds "panache" to the listing and makes you feel better about it ORImmediately reach for the mute buttonWe got a lot of requests to add background music capabilities to our TourBuzz virtual tour platform, and I resisted for a long time. But so many people asked for it I finally gave in and added the feature -- click here for a demo tour.
But I still want to get feedback from the community:
Agents - do … (16 comments)

photography: Great Photography and Virtual Tour Resources - 04/02/08 03:13 AM
Just a quick blog post to share some notable real estate photography resources I've come across recently.
Blogs, tips, and tricks:
Photography for Real Estate Blog - Great blog about RE photography and tools, and an awesome Flickr pool & group to get constructive criticism on your technique HDR Blog & Galleries - Great examples of "natural" HDR results, and a blog and book to explain how to do it yourself. Panotools Wiki and Mailing List - A well-maintained wiki on all things panorama related (hardware, software, etc) and a fantastic mailing list community. Lots of great people as well as … (14 comments)

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