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As a professional Home Stager in the Poconos, I am faced with many different types of homes and properties to stage and prepare for this competitive real estate market. Each requires a unique approach based on the characteristics of the home and what can be done to maximize the appeal. No matter ...
Ok...I didn't plan this "deep" post. I already wrote one today about 11-11-11, so here are 2 choices If you want a deep post that is light and airy too... go here... Mysterious Numbers making me Wonder...TELL ME, WHAT DOES IT MEAN ....11-11-11??? If you want a deep post that is heavy and profound...
WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? IS IT A SIGN FROM THE HEAVENS... IS THE SKY GOING TO FALL...ARE ALIENS LANDING...IS IT THE SEQUEL TO "LOST"...SHOULD I PLAY THE LOTTERY???? CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME??? 11-11-11 This is the perfect day for this post...11-11-11! I have wanted to write about this for a couple of...
Owning a home with a view is wonderful...Owning a Lakefront on one of the most beautiful lakes in the Poconos ... a Dream Come True! I often think as I walk out of my front door on a crisp clear night, what a privilege it is to own this section of sky. It's mine! The heavens in all their wonder, ...
  Looks like these fellows have been swayed by the fashion trend of the last few years! Unlike, so many youth (and plumbers) out there, at least these guys don't have to walk and function with this fashion faux pas. Waddling like ducks, juggling all their possesions in one hand, keeping the other...
I seem to be making a lot of fast friends these days. So many very special people keep popping into my life in droves it seems. I recently blogged about one in my Humble Pie series but there have been many more. I have a business associate that I know through a local networking group. We were tal...
                                                                              HUMBLE PIE      1 Cup of Compassion    2 Cups of Sugar    3 Cups of Patience    5 Cups of Humility    7 Cups of Self Restraint    2 Tbs of Understanding    1 Healthy sprinkling of Love         Step 1: Check Yourself... ...
One Slice of Humble Pie Please! Humble Pie...continued...would you like a slice? Ok...Time to wrap up this pie and put it in the fridge for later.  2 weeks ago, I am at choir practice rehearsing the music that we will be singing on Sunday for Confirmation. I start thinking about how beautiful and...
This post will make more sense if you read part 1... One Slice of Humble Pie Please! Ok, my head is spinning...You may say many things but telling me I don't care is complete irony because I honestly and most sincerely couldn't care more and I just met you!! That is just who I am but I get that y...
Life is really funny at times and it never ceases to amaze me how one situation leads to another, to another, to another and often times you look back and think to yourself..."Who Knew?"   This is a story of an unexpected guest and a feast that started with a slice of Humble Pie. "Maria on her Co...

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