house for sale in the dalles or: Why Are Seller's Reluctant To Hire A Real Estate Broker? - 12/18/10 07:26 AM
Recently sellers have told me that the reason they won't hire a broker is they owe too much on their loan, they think broker's make too much of the money from the sale  of their house or they feel they can sell their home themselves. 
If the owner is upside down in their mortgage then this is the time the seller really needs the real estate professional.  Why does the seller want to sell his/her house?  Have you recently lost your job?  Have you recently been divorced?  Has your wages been reduced?  This is a great time to hire a broker who … (0 comments)

house for sale in the dalles or: How Many Reasons Do You Need To List Your Property During The Holidays? - 11/29/10 09:55 AM
How many reasons do you need to list your property during the Holidays?  I'm hoping after you read this article that you will have 7 less reasons and call me to list your property today!  Call April Moore, Broker 541-296-8880
Common Sense would say you shouldn't list your property during the holidays?  Who writes a statement like that? Is  this common sense?  Who tells us these memes?  News flash the housing market is falling. Okay so how do we change this type of thinking?  If you decide to list your property than you are creating a different common sense that … (2 comments)


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