pay it forward: Pay it forward - 12/26/10 10:28 AM
Paying it forward is especially fun during the holidays. I think people are so busy that they don't have as much time to do nice little things for others. Although, some think of it only at this time of year.
Anyway, I decided to help an elderly neighbor of mine. It's been snowing a bit here and I have found that most elderly people prefer not to go out during the storms or until the roads and walks are cleared.
I needed to get a few thing at the store and popped in on my neighbor to see if she needed … (3 comments)

pay it forward: Pay it Forward - Let's have a Merry Christmas - 12/18/10 05:47 AM
Pay it forward!  April Hayden-Munson's Blog, Realtor (R) Brookfield, Wisconsin
I like to be a Secret Santa to someone each year. 
I was needed to help a family celebrate Christmas a little this year that would otherwise not have the opportunity.
My heartstrings were pulled a bit by a friend confiding in me about her holiday dilemma.  Things are really tight and she had no money to put something fun under her tree for her son.  She had to get him a coat and boots, but to a boy - that’s no fun.  She really didn’t want to let him down.

pay it forward: Pay it forward - 12/12/10 09:34 AM
  Pay it forward - each day I try to do something "nice" for someone. Sometimes it's someone I know, sometimes it's someone in my office. Sometimes it's at a grocery store, you just never know when a smile or a little help to someone can change their day.
Earlier this week I was driving by a competitors' listing on Hampton Ave, in Menomonee Falls. This condo has been on the market for some time. The condo was sold to the current owners at the height of the market, they just can't sell at a top price now, so it sits … (8 comments)

pay it forward: Pay-It-Forward Read with a Realtor in Milwaukee Wisconsin with April Hayden-Munson - 10/22/10 12:33 PM
"Reading With REALTORS®" campaign.
The Young Professionals Network of the Realtor’s Association sponsored a book drive for children.  The books that were donated were distributed to schools in the city of Milwaukee to help the children with reading.

I received an email asking for volunteers to donate their time to read to the children.   The school I volunteered for was St. Joe's at 1600 W. Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee.


When the book drive started I went through my guest bedroom closet for books I used to read to the kids. I promptly gathered the books up and … (8 comments)

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