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In reading the contest rules, I could only come up with one song!  This one, a "Laugh-in" staple from the late 60's has a couple youtube incarnations... The first gets right to the heart of TURN THAT SONG OFF : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnjASLYKdA The second, has Rowan and Martin mugging al...
     With Southern Californians once again wiping smoke-induced sleep from their eyes, modification specialists and attorneys working to avoid thousands of expected foreclosures from happening and a nation inundated with economic doom and gloom, it is a wonder to see acts of goodness occurring be...
An eye-opening statistic to be sure. Is this because lenders are/were understaffed when the wave of defaults hit? Or is it because they were inundated without a plan? It seems that even today (November/08) some lenders are dragging their feet and slow to act. Are they afraid of all the legislatio...
I was drawn to a post about the biggest lies on AR.  The author wrote a funny and entertaining piece about  lies told on AR.  In reading the massive list of commentary-some of which was even more hilarious than the original post- I ran across this excerpt (one response): [...I have an addition to...

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