document delivery: Ethics...The Golden Rule...and Us, The Notary Signing Agent... - 04/18/08 05:28 AM
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DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE DETAILS HERE FOLKS....YOUR STATE (OR YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT CORRECT PROCEDURE) MAY BE DIFFERENT. TRY TO SOAK IN THE BIGGER MESSAGE.....We have all been approached by the last minute Loan Officer, Mortgage Broker or even the occassional Escrow Officer who wants to get the deal done in a hurry. You get through all the preliminaries, Name, Address and Phone and you've agreed to a price and know the deadline. Then comes "Oh, by the way..." or "There's just one more detail..." and it always has the smell … (0 comments)

document delivery: Notarize it.... 'cuz I said so, that's why!! - 04/17/08 07:02 AM
     I'm a service provider.  Nothing makes me happier than to help a client with their notary needs and to help complete their business documents.  I get frustrated when, like today for example, I receive incomplete documents with blanks.  I kindly instruct my client that the document must be completed prior to notarization especially since this particular document shows dollar amounts and specific, needed dates of other documents.  I also explain that I am not an attorney and neither assist in the wording of nor offer advice as to the content of any incomplete document.  Then, I hear second-hand that a person at the … (16 comments)

document delivery: I'm just a drop of water, a river, long and winding... - 04/05/08 02:10 AM
 Playing "office" when I was a kid was always my favorite pastime.  When my friends were excited about sports equipment, toys and games, I was always happiest with a fresh batch of office supplies.  I liked forms and checklists, pens and binder clips.  I was always a CEO or a President and I always had a deadline to meet. 
     One of my favorite photos of my dad showed him (vintage 1963) wearing a dark suit and tie, sitting at a desk, documents in hand and a cigar, perfectly positioned, between his index and middle fingers.  I suppose that photo planted itself deep … (2 comments)

document delivery: Networking groups sometimes missing the mark...must be a better way! - 03/30/08 05:01 AM
    Ever feel like you've been to one-too-many mixers, seminars and networking group recruiting breakfasts?  Most give you that cheesy nametag to wear so that insincere social misfits can walk up to you, call you by name, and spend the next 20 minutes blathering on about their local store which, by the way, has "...cornered the cheese-whiz market".  Sometimes, these businesses get around sending an owner and instead, send their newest member of the "management team".  At closer inspection, this young "fireball" who probably shaved for the first time this morning, looks alot like a kid who used to play with your kids in the … (5 comments)

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