notary signing agent: If service in The OC is good, Isn't service to ALL of SoCal better? - 05/24/14 06:24 AM
I began by offering Loan Signing (Mobile Notary) services in Orange County back in 2003.  Occasionally, I'd receive requests to sign a deal in Los Angeles or San Diego or somewhere in the vast Inland Empire of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  Later (in 2012), I purchased two San Gabriel Valley Notary businesses and folded them into my operations. I spend a significant amount of time picking up and delivering documents from and to the many escrow, lender and attorney entities who need a Full-time, professional Notary Signing Agent.  
While I have the privilege of living in Orange County and … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: Pricing: How does a Notary stay in business? - 08/12/13 06:12 AM
There have been a few instances in the last few years when clients or potential clients have scoffed at a price quote for the Notary Services we provide.  Still, I have to be understanding, as Mr. and Mrs. Joe Six-pack in the here-and-now of 2013 continue to have little understanding about what a Notary is or does.  I'm actually quite proud of my pricing structure (and the fact that I rarely alter it) but admit I wish everyone understood what goes into it.
Here is how I break things down:  
First of all, my services (all of them) are mobile services.  I … (2 comments)

notary signing agent: Telephone use...and patience? - 05/31/11 06:11 AM
Each independent business person, must choose their own method of operations with regard to telephone etiquette.  I dislike (and find it quite rude) interrupting a borrower, who may be signing a multi-million dollar transaction before me, to pause and answer a call from an unknown entity.  While they may be calling to inquire about appointment-setting or pricing and I certainly hope to gain their business, I wish to offer my client my full and undivided attention.  I monitor my phone by glancing at the phone when it rings but unless it is someone involved in the package I'm signing, they will … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: Service providers Hate to say "NO" but sometimes we must. - 03/27/11 09:30 AM
Anyone remember six months ago? That was when all the news reporting agencies were abuzz with stories about the intrusive TSA screenings and the pros and cons of privacy and the boundaries of pat-downs and X-ray technology that over-exposed us.  It was the fodder for late-night comics and others.  Perhaps we silly Americans have been spoiled for too long and have had far too little appreciation for these and other conveniences and we have truly taken it all for granted. 
Why is it that we seem happiest when we let others do the thinking for us?  Take for instance … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: Choose wisely. Consider not just the source, but perhaps their motivation too! - 01/11/11 08:09 PM
A few years ago, I remember being greatly annoyed with a National Organization for Notaries where I was a member.  This organization is supposed to be dedicated to the promotion of excellent notarial practice and the support of it's membership. As a member, I soon found that their true interest seemed to be the almighty dollar.  
I am all for capitalism.  But what disturbed me was the way in which this "support" organization was taking steps to drive dollars to their bottom line while at the same time causing harm to their paying members.  As with many organizations, once you … (3 comments)

notary signing agent: Ethics maintained and reinforced is a recipe for success! - 06/29/10 07:34 AM
     Now, after having seen our world through the prism of a downward spiraling economy, and with major businesses having failed or having been reorganized and/or downsized, the challenge to maintain standards and to practice ethical behavior is compounded.  While our leaders debate the pros and cons of plans to rebuild and fortify our economy, average Americans react to job losses, higher tax burdens and they begin to emerge from their bunkers where they had gone to hunker down to ride out the storm.
     During times of challenge, it seems that others more desperate than ourselves are well poised to prey upon us and pull us … (0 comments)

notary signing agent: Life of a Notary Signing Agent..."Sitting on a Spring" in a "hurry up and wait" world. - 05/26/10 06:01 AM
Yes.  That is what I'm doing.  I'm SITTING ON A SPRING [and ready to bounce in whatever direction I need to across Southern California].  Not less than four escrow/loan/inspection companies have each requested my services for today.  I have one 3PM appointment scheduled but these other folks are all in the running to fill up the early part of my day.  Since I book such requests on a first-come-first-served basis, they all have a fair shot at it.  Mortgage Brokers are all losing their minds waiting for lenders to send docs so that Escrow Officers can package docs and then I can schedule and … (0 comments)

notary signing agent: Billing clients after a busy month=better than day-time T.V. - 05/03/10 06:25 AM
     WOOHOO!! April  for "A Quick Note" turned out to be just what the doctor ordered for our Notary/Signing business.  We haven't had time to stop and count the total number of signings yet, but deposits prove that April has been our best month in over three years.  What's more is that we did other work that we've expanded our business to do in and amongst the many signings we completed.  We conducted many individual "mobile notary" type assignments, Occupancy/Photo Inspections and delivered Service of Process and messenger deliveries across Southern California.  This trend is continuing with early work (in the month of May) that holds the promise … (0 comments)

notary signing agent: New Offices...familiar ol' faces! Could it be a ramp-up for summer? - 04/23/10 03:38 AM
Having worked with and for a large number of Southern California Escrow and Mortgage Professionals at various companies, the '06/'07 melt-down saw them scattered to the four winds.  Recently, and not a moment too soon, my acquaintences have begun to "pop up" at new offices with new teams (looking alot like the old teams) and with many taking positions they are familiar with to crank out new work and most importantly-New Signing work for me [a Notary Signing Agent].  April has seen a vast improvement over March which was steady, but not earth-shattering.  My hope is that this is simply a … (0 comments)

notary signing agent: Lots of "Change"...but "Hope" is fading - 02/21/10 08:21 AM
When I decided to add additional services (like Process Serving) to my bag of tricks back in 2006/2007, I never imagined I'd end up here [in 2010] spending all day Sunday sitting on a "stake-out".  It seems the lender has taken the home in foreclosure and the recipient of an unlawful detainer lawsuit believes he can hibernate and all of his problems will simply go away much like the ostrich with his head in the sand.  While his door has been answered by a minor child on multiple occassions, the parent seems content to hide until the sheriff and the locksmith come to … (3 comments)

notary signing agent: Optimism and Diversification sparks NSA's to a an Improved 2010 - 12/06/09 09:36 AM
The gradual increase in my loan signing business since September ['09] has been a welcome and long awaited return.  While business is still nowhere near 2005-06 levels, a glimmer of hope has made itself known, perhaps, just in the knick of time.  The "purchase" market here, in Southern California, fueled by adjusting home prices, low interest rates and the allure of once unheard of and amazing deals has ignited Realtors, Escrow Officers and thankfully, Notary Signing Agents alike.  A rather high percentage of these have been FHA deals and although the majority are indeed purchases, a rise in the number of refinance loans being seen … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: NO! I'm still part of that 89%...not the 11% (California Unemployment) - 07/23/09 05:49 AM
Self-employment continues to be a "double-edged sword" as we in Southern California mortgage-related businesses continue to meander through the trials of a foul economy.  While I've seen a fair amount of hardship all around me and experienced more of it than I'd like to admit personally, hanging in there and staying self-employed seems to have been the right move-at least for me. 
Clearly, income has not returned to 2005 levels.  Still, 2009 has shown great improvement over the prior two years.  When the bottom fell out during the first quarter of 2007, I was bewildered and somewhat broken-hearted.  Having finally [after 25+ … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: Fishing with Honey - 01/09/09 04:43 AM
What was that thing my Mother told me?  Oh yeah.  "If you can't say something nice, it's better to say nothing at all".  As a deeply passionate person with strong convictions, I am often coaxed out to comment upon or defend a belief or something I feel wronged by.  The problem with doing that is that while it makes me feel better for having stood my ground, I am often seen out of context by readers of social media where I participate.  I'm rather transparent (though I have complex opinions) and believe the world should take me as I am.  What … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: Firefighters, Foreclosures, Modifications and Mindsets...can I help? - 11/16/08 08:12 AM
     With Southern Californians once again wiping smoke-induced sleep from their eyes, modification specialists and attorneys working to avoid thousands of expected foreclosures from happening and a nation inundated with economic doom and gloom, it is a wonder to see acts of goodness occurring before your eyes.  During continuous coverage of the Yorba Linda, CA fire last night, I witnessed one home from the moment it caught fire, to fully involved, to reduced to rubble.  While I watched, two unnamed police officers from the city of Buena Park (at least their police car said that's where they were from) stood on the roof of the … (2 comments)

notary signing agent: This question still comes up now and then...What is an NSA? - 10/17/08 05:45 AM
A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public with specific training and familiarity with the signing of Mortgage Loan Documents.  Specifically, I obtain documents from mortgage brokers or escrow officers, schedule appointments for their borrowers and go to their homes or offices to conduct their closing.  While notaries refrain from offering advice, as we are not attorneys, we do facilitate a smoother closing at the signing table as we can quickly direct the borrower to the documents/areas where needed information can be found.  Most borrowers walk away from the signing with a better understanding of their loan and calmer than had … (2 comments)

notary signing agent: Is it slow?....I'd go play golf....if I could afford it! - 09/13/08 01:02 PM
Is it slow?....I'd go play golf....if I could afford it!
One of my kids goes to Community College and works at the local country club. One of the perks is free golf at numerous courses throughout Southern California....(you know the ones that I can't afford to play at).... The little rat drives golf carts, hustles bags and does tournament set-ups for tips, gets the finest free instruction from real professionals that he's actually "friends" with and then plays free golf in every possible moment of daylight that he has. As a result, he's become quite the little artisan around the links, … (8 comments)

notary signing agent: Any other Techno-Mobile Offices out there? - 09/11/08 04:38 AM
Any other Techno-Mobile Offices out there?
I am a huge believer in technology. On board I utilize the following gadgets: Of course my blue-tooth cell phone, voice activated GPS (couldn't live without it), my laptop on a very cool device called an Airdesk with wireless internet of course, a Traffic Gauge which gives me readings on freeway traffic throuout the greater L.A. and Orange county areas and saves me hundreds of miles each month, a laser printer-for all those last minute emails and faxes that title/escrow like to send and my ZUNE MP3 player to keep me rollin'. Am … (1 comments)

notary signing agent: Don't want what I'm offering? That's OK, ...but why so rude? - 09/02/08 05:17 AM
I've continued utilizing my marketing skills through this rough market and found that many simply are not looking for the skillset I offer.  That's O.K.  I mean, that's the gamble of marketing.  You put yourself or your business on the block and offer what you do or sell to the potential client.  Sometimes, they will pick you.  Sometimes they will not.
I gave you that preface to tell you this story:
I have some long-term clients who are mortgage brokers and partners and also brothers.  They, like all of us, have seen the ups and downs of the market.  Still, whenever they have … (8 comments)

notary signing agent: Q: How many brokers does it take to screw up just one deal? - 07/07/08 05:58 PM
The answer is, just one as I'm sure many of you already know...
I know because I've seen a number of deals go sideways at the signing table. 
The mortgage broker insisted on "sitting in" during the presentation of loan documents by the Notary Signing Agent.  Only twice in my personal experience of nearly 6,000 signings has a brokers involvement (at the table) been a good thing.  Both times, the broker had very little if anything to say.  Both times the broker promised to use my services exclusively in the future. 
While we can and do point out terms and conditions … (13 comments)

notary signing agent: What's in a logo? Here's what's in mine... - 07/06/08 04:30 PM
Playing "office" when I was a kid was always my favorite pastime. When my friends were excited about sports equipment, toys and games, I was always happiest with a fresh batch of office supplies. I liked forms and checklists, pens and binder clips. I was always a CEO or a President and I always had a deadline to meet.One of my favorite photos of my dad showed him (vintage 1963) wearing a dark suit and tie, sitting at a desk, documents in hand and a cigar, perfectly positioned, between his index and middle fingers. I suppose that photo planted itself deep … (5 comments)

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