qualified experienced notary: Billing clients after a busy month=better than day-time T.V. - 05/03/10 06:25 AM
     WOOHOO!! April  for "A Quick Note" turned out to be just what the doctor ordered for our Notary/Signing business.  We haven't had time to stop and count the total number of signings yet, but deposits prove that April has been our best month in over three years.  What's more is that we did other work that we've expanded our business to do in and amongst the many signings we completed.  We conducted many individual "mobile notary" type assignments, Occupancy/Photo Inspections and delivered Service of Process and messenger deliveries across Southern California.  This trend is continuing with early work (in the month of May) that holds the promise … (0 comments)

qualified experienced notary: Q: How many brokers does it take to screw up just one deal? - 07/07/08 05:58 PM
The answer is, just one as I'm sure many of you already know...
I know because I've seen a number of deals go sideways at the signing table. 
The mortgage broker insisted on "sitting in" during the presentation of loan documents by the Notary Signing Agent.  Only twice in my personal experience of nearly 6,000 signings has a brokers involvement (at the table) been a good thing.  Both times, the broker had very little if anything to say.  Both times the broker promised to use my services exclusively in the future. 
While we can and do point out terms and conditions … (13 comments)

qualified experienced notary: Ethics...The Golden Rule...and Us, The Notary Signing Agent... - 04/18/08 05:28 AM
Modified from a post made elsewhere by "A Quick Note"
DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE DETAILS HERE FOLKS....YOUR STATE (OR YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT CORRECT PROCEDURE) MAY BE DIFFERENT. TRY TO SOAK IN THE BIGGER MESSAGE.....We have all been approached by the last minute Loan Officer, Mortgage Broker or even the occassional Escrow Officer who wants to get the deal done in a hurry. You get through all the preliminaries, Name, Address and Phone and you've agreed to a price and know the deadline. Then comes "Oh, by the way..." or "There's just one more detail..." and it always has the smell … (0 comments)

qualified experienced notary: Notarize it.... 'cuz I said so, that's why!! - 04/17/08 07:02 AM
     I'm a service provider.  Nothing makes me happier than to help a client with their notary needs and to help complete their business documents.  I get frustrated when, like today for example, I receive incomplete documents with blanks.  I kindly instruct my client that the document must be completed prior to notarization especially since this particular document shows dollar amounts and specific, needed dates of other documents.  I also explain that I am not an attorney and neither assist in the wording of nor offer advice as to the content of any incomplete document.  Then, I hear second-hand that a person at the … (16 comments)

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