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I'm one of those people who likely will never have an empty nest, as is my Mom.  I will always have room for my childen or grandchildren to come and stay. But I do yearn for a day when I can buy a little beach getaway.  A place to go to for a long weekend here and there during Seattle's Rainy ti...
Think of the bagua above, like a rug that covers your entire floor of the main footprint of your home, that is the footprint of the level from the front door. If your front door is the center of your house, then you are walking directly into your Career section.  If it is on the left, you are wa...
I once wrote an article that told consumers to fire any agent who never said "Don't Buy THAT house!.  In fact, if an agent doesn't say DON'T buy the house more than they say "Do you want to buy this one?", they cannot possibly be representing their buyer client well. If it appears that the agent...
Newer townhomes are often the easiest to stage and can be done in just an hour or so.  The owners of this townhome were moving out into the home I just sold them, before the property was going to be listed for sale.  I asked them to leave those white sofas and and bayberry colored area rug and t...
When I first saw this "Jesus Christ Superman", it reminded me of what my clients expect of me.  We really do just have to be able to Do It All when it comes to the real estate transaction. The more you know about housing, home inspections, finance, trends, market conditions and everything that i...
I had a little class of agents from different companies several weeks ago, and we all learned a little something.  The person who had the most sales, made the least amount of money! This is the time of year when agents need to go through all of their sales and make some hard decisions.  Look at ...
I just returned from a home inspection and have to sort through the list to determine what remedies to request.  One thing we have learned as agents, is that credits very often are not the best way to address things.  New homebuyers get all caught up in moving in and decorating, take the credit ...
Maybe it's time to take it off the market. Weird phenomenon.  I am getting more calls on houses when I take them off the market than I got when they were on the market. Maybe taking a house off the market sends the message that it will not always be around and it's time to start thinking more ser...
It has been pretty standard for agents to pay referral fees to one another of between 20% to 25% of the commission.  It has also been pretty standard for companies to receive a referral fee of 35% to 50% from agents who are representing their relocated employees. However had the buyer or seller c...
Back to transparency.  When an agent offers to "Find you an Agent" in another area or when a Website offers to "Find you an Agent" to assist you, often there is a "Finders Fee" involved.  I'm not saying that isn't reasonable, but let's go back to Transparency in the Real Estate Transaction and T...

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