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 Gerhard Ade, Jan Ahlgren, Hamad Al-Anzi, Mabys Bajric, Ed Bartley,  Ashley A. Berg, Leslie Bloss, Danielle Blue, Monty Booth, Jack Brown, Bruce Ching, Michael Creel, Amanda Daylong, Mike Eakins, Kerri L. Fischer, Brian Hirai, Sondra Jackson, Matt Johnson, Jeremy Keener, Ayub Khaskheli, Nina Knae...
One of the joys of living in Kirkland Washington is being able to hang out Downtown and stroll over to Lake Washington...and even put your feet in and pretend you are one of the ducks :)My grand daughter has been visiting with me for the last week and I have to say I have enjoyed Kirkland more wi...
I went over to Flat Ben's today, planning to spend about four hours getting the "first impression" portion of the house to look a little bigger and brighter.  By the time I arrived, Ben had some of the things moved where I had asked him to move them.  This is a small bungalow, and we're not tryin...
If I'm lucky, I can usually find a Significant Other when valuing a property.  I took a walk over to Flat Ben's, who lives about five blocks from me.When looking for Significant Others for this house, it's best to try to stay right on 7th Avenue.  We're in luck.  Ben mentioned he was hoping to se...
 Kirkland, WashingtonOne of the most striking things about Kirkland, the core of Kirkland composed of Downtown Kirkland, West of Market, East of Market, Moss Bay, Norkirk is that they have a vision of what Kirkland should be.  Mostly Kirkland should be "not Bellevue".  It's pretty much a rivalry....

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