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Blair, Nebraska the best part of the Greater Omaha area
Yikes has it been hot and humid in Blair the last couple of weeks. I kept thinking, I moved from Mesquite Nevada to here because I can not take extreme heat. Which for me is anything over 85 degrees. So we have heat up into the hundreds and I feel like I am back in the desert except this time I d...
August is going to be a very busy month for this agent! August 7 and 8 I have GRI 103 Classes in Ethics and Legal Issues, August 9 it is off to Council Bluffs for a Rotary Foundation Seminar. 11 August I will be attending Coaching the Real Estate Investor with Mark Wehner, August 12 I will be bac...
If you desire your GRI designation and need a finance course do your self a favor and have Kevin Stahle as your teacher. Many of us know, finance can be a real snoozer, one of those classes we have to drag yourself through; and please make it quick. Go to Kevins class and you will wish it could l...
I moved to Nebraska in May of 2006 and arrived in a rain storm. It was just wonderful!I lived the previous 7 years in the Mohave Desert in Nevada. I watched and waited one year, it did not rain from October of one year to October of the next year. Lake Mead was dropping in water level minute by m...
Today was such a beautiful day. The wind was blowing, the air was warm, the leaves are just begining to change color. Some of them are freeing themselves from the tree they adorned.  The free leaves were  floating on gusts of wind as the captive leaves held tight and watched.  I loved it! Living ...

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This is my opportunity to comment on the world around me and my observations and reactions to that world. This all comes from the Greater Omaha NE area. From my neighborhood, Blair "The Promise of Quality" Nebraska!