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While it is called a "Termite Inspection" it is officially a "Structural Pest Control Inspection." In addition to termites, the inspector will also be looking for fungus and water damage and for conditions such as plumbing leaks or earth to wood contact that can lead to termite or fungus damage. ...
Termites are extremely important in nature because they recycle fallen trees back into soil. Unfortunately, a termite cannot tell the difference between a pine log and a pine board. Termites cause more destruction to wood products and structures in homes in California than any other insect. There...
Drywood termites are less common and less numerous than subterranean termites. Damage can be caused by a mature colony that contains several hundred to a few thousand workers. Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites attack dry, sound wood and do not need contact with the ground. Most infes...
A lot of "bigger" termite companies pay their inspectors a commission. This is nothing new, but when I talk to real estate agents, I have found that a lot of them do not realize that their favorite termite inspector is actually pocketing a percentage of everything they sell to your clients. Our i...

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