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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.



2 things you need to know before I get started:1. My wife and I use Google Talk during the day so that I don't have to talk on the phone during the day. You know, I'm super busy. I hate stopping to answer the phone and talk about miscellaenous things. 2. We homeschool our 12 year old daughter. Sh...
Have you ever heard that cow people song (that's my term for country folk) that goes something like, "Like a hammer and a nail; socks and shoes - we go hand in hand like the rhythm and blues. What good is a man who hasn't got a dream? Bout' as good as car with no gasoline."? It's about things tha...
I left off yesterday talking about how people were running around to and fro trying to get everything ready here at our office, remember? After I logged off of here I went and took some pictures of the different people, different rooms, and what things looked like during prep time. The mood was e...
I should have posted this yesterday. So realize that this post is 1 day late____________________________________________________Tonight is the night - the big GRAND OPENING of our Keller Williams Heritage office. As I speak, er, type, there are people passing by my window hurrying about. In fact,...
I often visit the blog Rain City Guide. There's a lot of great information to be found there. The folks who work on that site are top notch. In fact, Dustin Luther (what a great name, i.e. Dustin ), one of the head tech's there, often speaks at our Tech Boot Camps for Keller Williams.Anyway, I st...
I just finished a blog, but haven't the time to figure out how to place it in Active Rain. You see, there are video's from You Tube in this blog.I encourage you to go straight to my blog at and check it out. It is worth your while!Have an awesome day!Dustin...
You know, it never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet who have so little integrity. While I do believe that integrity can only be accurately defined through an understanding of Jesus Christ as the 1st cause of morality, and thus, the very essence of what integrity is, a belief in Jesus Chr...
Ok, be warned - I'm about to brag on myself.I'm not bragging on myself merely for the sake of ego inflation. In fact, I really don't care about inflating my ego. Ego isn't what drives me. Is a "pat on the back" an unavoidable outcome of what I'm about to post? Yes, it is.Craig Owen, the team lead...
When you think of a family reunion, what kind of images begin to shuffle through your noggin? Do you picture a large gathering of loved ones, fireplace going, a cozy living room, and a sing-a-long? If so, you need to put the bottle down.I'm kidding. Some people still do that. I'm not sure where, ...
Every agent knows that a good listing presentation is essential if you want to carry any clout in front of the potential client. Well, actually it starts at the PLP (Pre Listing Presentation). And unfortunately the PLP is quickly becoming a forgotten tool in todays real estate market. But I digre...

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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.