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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.



The technology industry never slows down, does it? For instance, how many of you have seen the video "Did you know - Shift Happens?" Take a second to watch this -That's amazing to me. I have been in this business for 8 short years. I have seen the industry change dramatically. I remember when Vis...
 Nancy Higgs - Assistant Market Center AdministratorBefore I get started on talking about Nancy's job stuff, I need to let you all know about her little bundle of blessings. Nancy had a baby girl on April 24th. Elle is SO cute. Take a look at this - Isn't that just adorable? And Nancy, the troope...
Ok, so does everyone remember this - ...and this... Well, let me tell you what happened after that post on Home Repairs.I called a guy who does this sort of know, man type work with tools and stuff. I ask him when he could come over to my house to fix the fence. He asks me certain ques...
Do any of you remember the situation with my wonderful fence? If not, see here -Home RepairsWell, it's finished. It's done. It looks unbelievable. Did I do it, you may be wondering? How did it get done? If I did not do it, then who did? These are all questions that will be answered tomorrow on my...
I am telling you right now that only a real estate agent will appreciate this movie, Closing Escrow. If a Buyer or Seller were to watch it, unless they had an incredibly mild manner and were not easily offended, then this movie will make them feel...well, goofy! Watch the trailer -I was told by R...
 Kim Bridgforth - Director of OperationsThe question you need to ask yourself is this - What does the word "operations" mean? Loosely defined, people would say that "operations" means the "goings-on" of a company. You know, this person is the director of the "goings-on" within the company. Yeah, ...
Ok, look at this nice, serene, quiet picture of Kim Perry - New Agent Coordinator. Isn't that nice and special?Ok, don't be fooled. Yes, she's pretty. Yes, she's professional. Yes, she does a good job. However, Kim Perry is anything but serene and quiet. But this is precisely why we love her so m...
 An interesting thing has happened as I have done preparation for this series of blog articles on the Keller Williams staff.  I have realized that I am quite the pest! As you may have read yesterday, I bug Tina fairly often about various types of things. Then today as I got ready to write about P...
Tina Morales - Director of Agent Services...and I would add Extraordinaire. What does this job title mean, really?From an MREA "Job Description" kind of a standpoint it means that Tina is the one who is responsible for making sure that new agents paperwork is done (correctly, mind you - that is a...
As much as Craig (Owen) and David (Jones) appreciate all the hard work that the staff here at Keller Williams does, there aren't a lot of times that these folks get recognized. That's not an intentional neglect. It's just one of those things that happens due to the nature of the position. I know ...

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