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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.



I learned a HUGE lesson today. I'm about to tell on myself.Ok, so I received a contract from the listing agent. Per my normal routine, I went through the contract to see what was missing (something always is). I noticed that there were no HOA Addendums. The Buyer's agent did his buyer a huge inju...
Guess what everyone...Angeline Pitt e-mailed me today and told me that if I didn't take...well, you read what she wrote:"Dear Mr. Curlee, please kindly remove my husbands photo immediately from you blog, before I call our attorney." And it came from this address -, forgive me f...
So I looked over some of my numbers since starting back in September of ‘07. Take a look at this:September 2007 - acquired 4 deals, none closedOctober 2007 - acquired 18 deals, 7 closedNovember 2007 - acquired 23 deals, 17 closedDecember 2007 - acquired 23 deals, 18 closedJanuary 2008 - acquired ...
Hi everyone,First of all, my profile picture is not me. I know that it's hard to believe - but it's not. It is Brad Pitt. Some of you may be saying, "Well duh. It's obviously a joke." In fact, many of you have e-mailed saying so and have gotten a kick out of my wishful thinking picture. There was...
This one won't take very long - appraisals.Ok, I don't need to make this blog long. If you have the Seller, then you should get a call from the appraiser sometime within the first 3 weeks of your clients home going under contract. If you do not get a call and you just assume that the appraisal wa...
I got not a 1 comment on the Third Party Financing Addendum blog...interesting! Either people don't know the real purpose behind this particular addendum, or they feel the same waythat I do. Let's see what happens over the weekend.So what is tip #3 in order to help ensure a clear close - Survey's...
This is kind of a two fold blog post.#1 - The post is a tip to watch for so that your closings happen on time#2 - It is kind of an opportunity for me to vent a little about liars...I mean, lenders. Ok, not all lenders are bad - but, seriously, most are.We all know what a Third Party Financing Add...
I want to start a series on things that can hang up a closing. There are SO many steps involved in a transaction. It's really quite unbelievable. And the scary thing is that most agents skip (intentionally or unintentionally) many of the steps necessary. These missed steps could very well come ba...

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We are a team of virtual assistants specializing in listing and transaction management for real estate agents all over Texas.