mortgage: 5 New Year's Resolutions that will result in buying a home in 2017! - 01/01/17 06:26 PM
1. Add It Up -- Take a moment to see where your money goes. Make a budget and look closely at your spending habits. Everyone has a secret splurge… Have you taken a moment to look at your coffee habit? Or those subscriptions you signed up for and never use?
2. Cut It Out -- Thought you’d never take Joey Gladstone seriously? Now is the time to start. Sit down and see what you can do without and start saving!
3. Think Positive -- It’s easier to save when you feel your dream is within your reach. Make a dream board so you … (0 comments)

mortgage: Check out the new video blog! - 08/16/16 01:24 AM

Why should I be your realtor? Check out the new video blog to see why!
Check out the new promotional video blog!

mortgage: From Buyer to Agent: My perspective - 07/17/16 02:58 AM
Personal experience shapes so much of how we treat and interact with people, from friends to clients. I’d like to share a very personal experience, one that changed my life and continues to shape my business.
I became a wife and homeowner at the age of 24. It was 2003, and my mother owned a three-family home (the home that I grew up in). She offered to convert to condos and sell me one so I would have equity. I quickly found a mortgage broker and started the process. I knew nothing, and I didn’t have, want or need an agent. I … (26 comments)

mortgage: Buying a home doesn't have to be so scary! - 07/11/16 03:12 AM
Check out the new video blog!
Buying a home doesn't have to be so scary!

mortgage: Get to know Malden! - 06/20/16 11:47 AM
Get To Know Malden!
(A video blog by Ari Taylor).

mortgage: “Whose initials are PMI and why do I have to deal with them for a house?” - 05/31/16 03:30 AM
Frank W. from Boston asks: “Whose initials are PMI and why do I have to deal with them for a house?”
What is PMI? It stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. Simply put, PMI is an insurance policy on your loan. You pay the premium, typically in monthly installments, which are added to your mortgage. With this, the lender is covered if you default on your mortgage.
Why does PMI happen? We have always heard that you need 20% down to get a loan. In a perfect world, 20% down is the best way to go. BUT, it’s not always feasible. Say you live … (2 comments)

mortgage: Coordinating buying and selling! - 05/23/16 01:54 AM
Have you outgrown your current home?
Casey C. from Revere asks, “How do you coordinate buying and selling at the same time?”
Just one real estate transaction can be stressful enough! How do you juggle two real estate transactions at the same time?
Build a good team! Having an agent, a broker and an attorney on your team is crucial. When buying and selling, you need to make certain that your team is rock solid!
Talk to your mortgage broker first. There are two ways to approach this situation: Is your purchase contingent on selling your home, or can you purchase first?
If you are able … (0 comments)

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