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North Georgia is home to an increasing number of communities that merit “superlatives” – or in everyday language, special recognition. One we’ll discuss here is Forsyth County in north central Georgia, 45 miles north of downtown Atlanta.With no offense intended to long time residents, when this b...
A major quality of life factor in any community is the relative abundance of resources, including capital resources – also known as money.  North Georgia is home to a growing number of affluent cities, towns & counties. Nine of the 10 Wealthiest Cities in Georgia are in North Georgia, the excepti...
Here we will occasionally discuss topics of more narrow focus than North Georgia, such as cities & towns of particular interest. We’ll begin where this blogger grew up, the city of Sandy Springs. Residents in the 70s & 80s affectionately & facetiously called our community “The Golden Ghetto”. The...
Healthcare has been in the headlines for, well … as long as there has been healthcare.  Measuring the quality of facilities is a challenge, as it’s difficult to assign an objective number with so many variables in play.  Thus, we’ll defer to only a single “best” list in favor of broader discussio...

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