homes: North Georgia ~ Sandy Springs - 06/02/17 10:55 AM
Here we will occasionally discuss topics of more narrow focus than North Georgia, such as cities & towns of particular interest. We’ll begin where this blogger grew up, the city of Sandy Springs. Residents in the 70s & 80s affectionately & facetiously called our community “The Golden Ghetto”. There is even a nostalgic Facebook group by that name recalling memories of the era.
Sandy Springs once could only officially be called “unincorporated north Fulton County”. The city of Atlanta made repeated unsuccessful attempts to annex the community into Atlanta city limits.Those efforts gave rise to a movement begun in the mid 1970s … (2 comments)

homes: North Georgia Healthcare - 05/31/17 08:47 PM
Healthcare has been in the headlines for, well … as long as there has been healthcare.  Measuring the quality of facilities is a challenge, as it’s difficult to assign an objective number with so many variables in play.  Thus, we’ll defer to only a single “best” list in favor of broader discussion.
Availability of nearby quality healthcare is vital to a community and its residents’ peace of mind.  This becomes an increasingly important factor as one approaches retirement.
North Georgia offers a broad variety of medical services, from hospitals, medical centers & trauma centers of every level, to outpatient facilities & walk-in urgent … (0 comments)

homes: North Georgia Great Outdoors - 05/31/17 06:53 AM
North Georgia is incredibly rich & diverse in places to go & things to do.  Here we’ll do our best to cover many options of the Great Outdoors.  There is so much to offer we will revisit this topic again to break down choices by area and activity.  It would take days to write about them all – and years to do them all.
(OK, we must confess the links below cover all of Georgia.  While exceeding our upper half scope of the state, we’ll forgive those who also choose to enjoy “that other half”.)
Lakes, Rivers & Waterfalls – and a whole lot of each.  Whatever … (4 comments)

homes: North Georgia Education - 05/27/17 03:05 PM
Okay, school is out. For many that means (A) go on vacation, then (B) find a better school for the kids.
Foremost on many people’s minds when moving to a new community is the quality of education. Even for those without children in the household, good schools contribute to sustained property values, stable neighborhoods and the common best interest in community itself.
North Georgia offers some of the finest schools & school systems in the Southeast – and the US. Launch of the HOPE Scholarship in 1993 served to substantially elevate both SAT scores & numbers of state university applications. It further motivates … (47 comments)

homes: North Georgia Prosperity - 05/27/17 01:08 PM
A major quality of life factor in any community is the relative abundance of resources, including capital resources – also known as money.  North Georgia is home to a growing number of affluent cities, towns & counties.
Nine of the 10 Wealthiest Cities in Georgia are in North Georgia, the exception being Skidaway Island near Savannah.  A noticeable pattern is that wealth tends to run from Atlanta north up the Georgia 400 corridor.  
As we have discussed, affluent residents are attracted to quality schools, healthcare & recreation 
opportunities.  North Georgia communities offer an abundance of each.
Forbes points out that north metro Atlanta’s economic growth has been steady & sustained, implying stability which … (0 comments)

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