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The home sale process is confusing enough already. Real estate terminology can make it more complicated, especially if you are a first time buyer. Below you will find guidance on frequently used real estate terminology in Las Vegas. This will help you better understand the real estate process.Fre...
Choosing a home is about more than the house itself. Each neighborhood offers a unique sense of community, events, and features. Several considerations should drive your decision to purchase a property. Read below for neighborhood evaluation advice for Las Vegas.Things to ConsiderSchoolsEvery nei...
When working on home features, we typically focus on the larger items. In most cases the most useful features are the little ones. If you are purchasing a new home or rehabing an older one, consider the following useful home features.Size Does Make a DifferenceSometimes an increase in size is wel...
If you anticipate selling your property in the near future or are just wishing to make some changes, there are particular projects that specifically improve the value of your property. Some might cost more than others. Some ideas for improving property values are provided below.Kitchen Remodeling...
The market is improving, which is wonderful news for homeowners. Escalating prices give home buyers more confidence to purchase, which leads to more buyers and more competition. This type of market often causes overpricing, which can be ill-fated. The following is what overpricing your Las Vegas ...
If you are thinking about buying a property in the near future, there are specific mistakes that you should avoid as they will affect your ability to get a home loan. Below are Las Vegas buyer mistakes to avoid.Las Vegas Buyer Mistakes To AvoidLarge ExpensesLenders review your debt to income rati...
Relocating to a new neighborhood can be a stressful time. There are several things to consider including school systems, local amenities, crime levels, tax rates and distance to employment. The following is some important Las Vegas Home Buyer Relocation Advice.School Systems and Las Vegas Real Es...
If you experienced bankruptcy and foreclosure in recent years, it is possible to qualify for a loan in the future. There are certain criteria that you must adhere to. In this blog, we provide a basic understanding of how quickly you might qualify for a loan post- foreclosure and bankruptcy in Las...
Home owners are not required to address problems identified in a home inspection. It is a negotiation process. In advance of evaluating inspection reports, be aware that inspections normally include problems plus additional suggestions from the inspector on upgrades that can be done. Consider the...
A common debate among many buyers is whether to buy a condo or single family house. Both offer unique advantages. Buyers naturally look at the differing price ranges, but there are other factors that should not be overlooked. Here are some things to consider when deciding between condo vs. single...

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