closing gift: Apartment building portrait - 05/10/16 11:01 AM
Eric Wolf commissioned this House Portrait from us. As you can imagine it is difficult to capture the essence of an apartment building in a portrait, but I feel that we did that perfectly here.
Enjoy the painting.

closing gift: A wonderful closing gift - 02/19/16 05:14 AM
I just love this House Portrait, with it's striking blue colors against the yellows and reds of the foliage! Such a wonderful painting.

closing gift: A portrait of your home - 12/18/15 09:04 AM
Another wonderful House Portrait for a member of Vancity. Imagine the surprise when you go to Vancity to get a mortgage and as a thank you gift, they present you with a House Portrait of your home! 
Such a wonderful gift.

closing gift: A stunning closing gift for your clients - 12/07/15 02:40 AM
With the strong peaked roof lines and the welcoming front porch, this makes such a wonderful House Portrait!

closing gift: A wonderful closing gift for your clients, a portrait of their home. - 10/23/15 10:10 AM
When we create the House Portraits, one of the most difficult parts is to paint the driveways. So we always add dappled light to them to create a level of interest to the painting. And I LOVE how this one turned out.
Enjoy the painting!

closing gift: A stunning gift for your clients! - 10/23/15 10:03 AM
Scott and Ray at the Harris Johnson Team purchased this House Portrait for their clients. And I just adore this painting, how the setting sun in the background highlights the small shrubs in the front of the house. Just stunning!
Enjoy the painting,

closing gift: A stunning House Portrait for a new home owner - 08/28/15 09:24 AM
With the Purple shadows falling across the driveway and the large tree hanging gracefully over the driveway, we have another wonderful House Portrait for our clients.
Enjoy the painting,

closing gift: A wonderful closing gift for Realtors - 08/28/15 09:14 AM
Cam Bird of Remax Saskatoon ordered this House Portrait for his clients.
I just love how the browns and tan colors are caught up in the sky and then mimicked in the house colors. It’s a wonderful painting and I know that the homeowners are going to love it.
Enjoy the painting,
Russell McRae

closing gift: Split rail fence - 08/28/15 09:08 AM
With the split Rail fence running down the length of the driveway against the blue house. It makes just a stunning painting. We’re very proud of this one!

closing gift: The painting turned out brilliantly - 08/26/15 08:24 AM
When my clients made the hard decision to list their vacation home of 15 years, the sale was bitter sweet.  I wanted to give them a closing gift that was memorable and heartfelt and Russel's home portrait was exactly what I was looking for.  I was thoroughly impressed with his service as he was prompt, professional and enthusiastic.  All the details of the order were managed well including the cross country shipping.  For the impact and quality the gift delivers, the price is incredibly reasonable.  The painting turned out brilliantly and I know my clients will be thrilled when they receive … (1 comments)

closing gift: A wonderful closing gift for your clients. - 08/26/15 08:19 AM
Lori Lalonde, a mortgage broker from Dawson Creek purchased this house portrait for her clients.
Lori has been a customer of ours for years now, she is an absolute pleasure to work with!

closing gift: A way to keep my clients memories - 08/26/15 07:57 AM
Russell has provided not only me with a great closing gift for my business, but he has also created a way for my clients to keep their dearest memories close. His creations manage to retain the most striking points of a subject and his creative experience allows for beautification of any points that would detract from the piece. I highly recommend Russell's house portraits for anyone who wishes to make a lasting impression on a buyer OR a seller. Great work, Russ!"
 Matt Bastien

closing gift: "Mom, is this our new home?" - 08/26/15 07:49 AM
"One of my staff received a portrait for a member this week and  we just delivered on Tuesday.  The member was very excited and very happy with the service and the gift .  The member’s son had twinkle in his eyes and said ” mom is this our new home”  with a smile on his face.  This was a great experience for us and the members.
The members kept thanking us for their service."
Praveen Sidhu

closing gift: My clients had tears in their eyes! - 08/26/15 07:45 AM

"When I gave the picture to my clients they paused for a second and I looked up at them and they both had a tear in their eyes. They said thank you so much Ryan, it means so much for us to have this. "
Ryan Alty
Team Phil Haig
RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group

closing gift: A painting of a clients home - 08/26/15 07:40 AM
Russell has solved my problem for gift ideas for my real estate clients. He does a wonderful painting of the client's home and packages it with post cards in a great presentation box, all at a reasonable price.Thanks Russell
Don Blane,
Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Elite Realty

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