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Business Tip: To the Public You are the business. Is the business doing that? Business Tip provided by Successful Business Image. "To the Public You are the Business" in reality that is FACT. This statement is true for all of the individuals involved with your business. Your business is speaking ...
Positive Post for a Wonderful Wednesday Successful Business Image wants to remind you that the simplest thought can bring Joy to your heart! Yes, Sometimes the simplest image creates for a Wonderful Wednesday. The following picture speaks a thousands words to my heart. "Little girls are sugar and...
Positive Post for a Terrific Tuesday I love spreading positive energy around to all of my supportive Active Rain friends. Isn't a positive attitude a perfect Image to share to your clients and associates? I think it is a perfect message to share to EVERYONE! Today's message explains why so many p...
I wear 2 hats, do you know what they are?   I have been preparing first impressions for the last  10 years. Many people know that I stage and redesign houses and commercial properties also known as preparing the property for a positive impression. But do you know what else we prepare first impres...
Prayer Request site to give and receive. Please join us. would like to invite you to join our prayer group page on facebook, This is a new site that I just opened hoping to connect with those needing prayer requests, (Don't we all?} and to have a place to receive requests to remember in our praye...
My 100th Post on Active Rain! I remember my FIRST time, Do you?   I was reading and commenting on Jay Markanich's blog about "Bouncey Bouncey Wall Support"when I happen to notice that my last blog was my 100th! Wow how cool.  On looking back, I still remember posting my 1st and I mean my 1st blog...
Please watch this video of the REAL Asheville NC and her people. Welcome to our home! You have heard about Asheville NC, the Grove Park Inn, the Biltmore Estate, our great beer, our history but now I would like to introduce you to the rest of the story for Asheville NC- her mountains and her peop...
Looks don't matter in a perfect world. This isn NOT a perfect world!   A visual Image makes a difference in the way you are perceived in this world. Like it or not. A certain look, person, mls listing or business image may create a thought process in each person.  Let me show my point in the foll...
Home Staging according to my granddaughter. Do your grandchildren really know what you do for a living? Do your grandchildren really know what you do for a living? I own a full time home staging and redesign business. I thought everyone knew that. Undoubtedly not... *************************** Ha...
Home Staging in Asheville tackles the top 5 impression busters for your front entrance Asheville Stagers discuss the top 5 issues usually facing your interior entrance. Home Staging can correct all 5! The front entrance and maybe the next few steps can turn potential buyer away within 10 seconds....

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