or: Market Absorption Rates Corvallis, OR (Benton County) January 2012 - 01/31/12 06:33 AM

or: Market Absorption Rates Lebanon, OR (Linn County) January 2012 - 01/31/12 06:30 AM

or: Absorption Rates January Albany (Linn County), OR - 01/31/12 06:26 AM

or: SOLD! 2394 NW Kinderman Dr, Walnut Park Corvallis, OR - 01/27/12 02:37 PM

or: New Price: 2060 NW Dogwood, Corvallis, OR $274900 - 12/27/11 02:26 PM

or: New Listing: Own your Piece of Haven - 12/27/11 02:23 PM

or: Market Report Corvallis, OR, Listing Price Development Residential under 1 ac, WVMLS - 12/09/11 04:34 AM

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or: Listing Price Development Albany, OR as to WVMLS Residential under 1 ac - 12/09/11 04:26 AM

or: Love to live here! Shop Downtown Corvallis and Enjoy! - 12/05/11 07:41 AM
I had a great year! WE had a great year! 2011 was (and still is) a very successful year for us. My husband’s practice is well established and he enjoys his patients very much. He has arrived and loves his work.
I am back to top performing and have reached my 2011 production goal in October, not bad for the second year in business here.
That said we have allowed ourselves a mudroom, something so necessary in Oregon, especially with dogs, cats and children, but something our house lacked so far. After a short planning phase we … (0 comments)

or: Sold! 1495 Penny Lane NW in North Albany, OR - 12/02/11 02:29 AM

or: In contract! 2394 NW Kinderman Dr, Corvallis, OR - 12/01/11 03:51 PM

or: JUST SOLD! 2925 SW Morris Ave, Corvallis OR - 12/01/11 03:36 PM

or: Absorption Rates November 2011 Corvallis, OR - 12/01/11 06:09 AM

or: Absorption Rates November 2011 Albany (Linn County), OR - 12/01/11 06:01 AM

or: Flood Maps updated for North Albany, OR - 12/01/11 03:33 AM
If you live somewhat close to the river in North Albany, OR, have a look on the new FEMA flood maps SOON! While some of the locations and identifications are being disputed, chances are your property is now in a flood plain, making flood insurance mandatory in case you have a mortgage.
If you so far did not have flood insurance but the maps are placing you in the 100yr flood plain and you are not purchasing flood insurance as requested by your bank, the bank will have to do it for you, most likely not the less expensive alternative....
If … (0 comments)

or: Winter's Eve in Corvallis, OR Dec 2nd 2011, 5-10pm - 11/15/11 03:08 PM
Kick off the Season with this so enjoyable event in the lovely downtown of Corvallis, OR.
Corvallis, OR is blessed with an intact, vibrant, well visited downtown with lots of specialty stores, great restaurants of all kinds, bars and breweries.
We have three furniture stores, at least 5 bike stores, jewelers, clothing stores, shoe stores, book stores and so much more that make a downtown a true downtown.
I love it!!
So whether you are lucky enough to live here or are passing through, the 8th Annual Winter’s Eve is the event to visit.
Check it … (0 comments)

or: NEW FLOOD MAPS CORVALLIS, OR......... Do you have an elevation certificate? - 11/15/11 10:00 AM

The new FEMA flood maps are out and things have surely changed in Corvallis, OR.
Homes that never had the touch of water are now in the flood plain and with that flood insurance is a big factor in selling a home.
The most important document to obtain is an elevation certificate. Established by a surveyor, it gives an insurance carrier the data needed to assess risk and with that establish the right amount of premium for the property.
Are you planning to sell your home in Corvallis, OR or in North Albany, OR? Then determining if your home is … (14 comments)

or: OPEN HOUSE Sunday 11/20, 1-3pm, 3350 NW Poppy Dr, Corvallis, OR - 11/15/11 09:38 AM

or: OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 11/13, 1-3pm 2060 NW DOGWOOD DR, Corvallis, OR - 11/11/11 03:28 AM

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