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Escape to Presque Isle Peninsula Erie, PA Yesterday was my day to escape to my favorite place.  I love to walk here either alone or with a friend.  Join me as I reminisce through the photos.   Walking trail along the bay side Below--Notice the white caps on Presque Isle Bay... The temp was 8 degr...
Have you seen real estate profiles like this one?  I recently saw a billboard with a glamour photo promoting the agent's real estate business.  So many agent ads in both print media and internet profiles have every credential known to real estate. Im D. Greatest, Associate Broker, Realtor, Multi-...
Feels like a Zoo Day!!  The weather is warm and the sun is out.  Put the kids in the car and let's go to the    Erie, PA has a wonderful zoo.       Are we there yet?  How many times have we heard that? How big is the giraffe's tongue?                   Of course the train ride is a must!!        ...
Successful Real Estate Agent Qualities ARE . . .   Listen more than they speak--Ask questions to learn more about the client. Listen with your eyes as well as your ears.  Learn to read their body language and read between the lines.  A favorite excuse for a failed real estate transaction:  'If th...
I just read Number of people moving drops in Erie Times and I heard the same story repeated half dozen times on cable in last twenty-four hours. With more & more bad economic news every time we turn around--Is this really a good time to become a real estate agent?  Absolutely!!!  This is a Great ...
Who's not green today?  Going green is even triumphing the Wearin o' the Green on St. Patrick's Day, March 17 in Erie, PA, a very Irish community.  Only those people who do not turn on the TV or internet or read print media have not been inundated with green feature stories or green ads.  It seem...
       "It ain't easy being Green!"      Kermie  KERMIT THE FROG  "It ain't easy being Green."  This quote made famous by Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street & The Muppets described pre-1970's sentiment about environmental issues.  Energy costs and gasoline were very inexpensive compared to today....
Have you been exposed to the Social Disease called Social Networking??? Millions have been exposed.  If you have a computer or an e-mail address chances are that you have been exposed to or invited to join a Social  Networking site.  Have you been tested yet? Disease or Waste of Time  Now that I ...
Considering a career in real estate Have you told your friends and family that you are considering a career in real estate?  With the current economy chances are that they will respond, "Are you crazy?"  Well, that is how a few of my friends responded in the mid-80's when I announced my decision ...
What caused our thinking to shift from using energy to conserving energy?  Big is better!  This was the American theme for homes as well as autos as long as I can remember.  There was a temporary shift to smaller cars with increased fuel efficiency during the oil embargo of the early 70's, howeve...

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