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Spring Melt Means Trouble Snow, snow, snow go away. Ten inches of snow over the weekend followed by warm temperatures and heavy rain mean trouble ahead.    Over the years we have rebuilt this foot bridge over Trout Run several times.  This morning the water was lapping at the bottom of the bridge...
Banish the Winter Blues   Tea with Friends at Boothby Inn Erie, PA Flowers  Butterflies in our Hair **  **** * De-stress with facial messages, organize your purse and lots of laughter with friends Boothby Inn / Erie, PA   The owner, Gloria Knox , gave us a tour  & short history of this Victorian ...
Winter's Beauty   Aftermath of Another Storm   Enough is enough, but Mother Nature hasn't gotten the message.  However, my birds were waiting for me to fill the feeder and the sun is shining.   Who can resist the beauty? Let's enjoy the day.   Erie Real Estate Classes   Alan Kells Schools of Real...
Make New Friends, Keep the Old ~    Margaret Rome's invitation to meet in Baltimore   Margaret's idea to meet for lunch at Suburban House fit nicely with our plans to visit friends & family in the area and cruise out of Baltimore to the Caribbean. Little did I know that we would have 25 ActiveRai...
Souvenir for Anna 'Banana' from St. Maarten, NA       Anna, since I couldn't figure out how to get the 'Yellow Banana' boat to you in Phoenix, I took a picture for you.   Let's invite a few friends to join us for a cruise.   I am sure the pilot would even sing for us.     Erie Real Estate Classes...
When It Snows Enjoy It We might be tired of winter, but quit complaining. Yes, I just wrote a post this morning telling Old Man Winter to visit Santa at the North Pole.  Then I called a friend to join me cross country skiing this afternoon.     Get outside and enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen s...
  Must Read:  Real Estate the Right Rome Way By Margaret Rome   Are you thinking about Real Estate as a career?    Are you new to Real Estate and wondering 'Now what?'  'How do I get started?'   Have you been in Real Estate for awhile and want to take your career to next level?   If you answered ...
Welcome Back to Winter   Temperature ~ balmy 25 degrees   I love the beauty of winter, but enough is enough.  Mother Nature it is time for Old Man Winter to take a long nap with Santa at the North Pole.  I am ready to go back to the 80's and lots of sunshine.  Dave, let's book another cruise ~ mo...
Smell the Roses   Real Estate's 24/7 demands make it hard to take time to smell the roses. Through some luck of fate, Dave Yonkers invited me to dinner aboard his boat US'N and I accepted.  That was almost 14 years ago and the rest is history, so to speak, until Heather Chavez invited ActiveRain ...
ActiveRain Party Time in Baltimore Margaret Rome knows how to throw a party...THAT is a definite fact.  After missing several of Margaret's ActiveRain parties in the past, I finally arranged my travel plans to include a visit to Baltimore.  As soon as Margaret knew I was coming, she went to work ...

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